Thursday, 22 June 2017

Does St Christopher Protect Us When We Travel?

As the older kids grew up, we did travel a fair bit. It might have only been trips across the country as they were little but I always panicked about how I would 'save' them if anything happened to them. I had three kids relying on me to keep them safe, so I started to put a St Christopher on them. I am not a religious person but somehow I felt safer with this little bit of protection that I carefully placed around my children's neck.

St Christopher is the patron saint of travellers and it is quite a popular thing to make sure that you have a St Christopher when you travel, whether it is a car sticker or a necklace. I don't really know if it is faith or just a psychological thing but I just feel that my children are safer when they have the protection of something that you believe in. As the kids got older, I guess I felt more confident when I travelled with the kids. They were getting older and didn't rely on me so much, so we stopped using the St Christophers. It became a thing of the past and as I travelled with Tilly, I found it easier because I only had to protect one child, so if anything was to happen on our journey I knew I could keep her safe.

I do find myself travelling more with Tilly and as much as I love to take her to different places and I seem to travel more than I did with the older kids. Well, maybe not more but our trips are more adventurous. I want Tilly to see so much of the world because it is the only way that kids learn. So as I lay in bed last Thursday night, I found myself fretting that I didn't have a St Christopher for Tilly. I am not sure why I had this little wobble. Maybe the spate of terrorist attacks or maybe it's the fact that I am flying somewhere with Tilly for the first time and I am not being met by someone I know or going to stay with people I know. It feels strange to have a wobble like this after so many years of travel. I know it's my anxiety playing up, but I tried to brush it off. Then the following morning Kim said to me ''mum, you need to get Tilly a St Christopher''. She had no idea why she thought it, but it was so spooky after I had thought it after so many years without using one. So off I went to buy one, and now when we travel on Friday to Switzerland, we will be safe in the knowledge that St Christopher is protecting Tilly.

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