Wednesday, 28 June 2017

E.L.F Cosmetics Available At Superdrug - Review

Just recently arrived at a Superdrug near you is a cosmetic brand called E.L.F (short for Eyes, lips and face). The company first launched online in 2014 and now is rolling out in Superdrug near you. It is exclusive to Superdrug, so you know that you won't see it in any other high street store. The range covers all different types of skin types and will also help with some skin that needs evening out.

Aqua Beauty Collection

This is a water-based collection within the brand, as a person with extremely dry skin, this would be a brilliant range of cosmetics for me. It is a water based range of products that will help to put moisture back in your skin where you need it most. It also contains Vitamin E, which is excellent for its moisturising properties and you can find the ingredient in many skin care products. The Vitamin E will add radiance to dry skin too. In the Aqua Beauty Collection, you will get Primer Spray - This prepares the skin by helping to smooth it out and then it makes the foundation application look smooth and flawless, It also adds radiance because of  Vitamin E. Gel lip stain - This will stain your lips to give it the radiant look and also gives a dewy cool effect. Liquid Eyeshadow - This is vibrant and the colour lasts all day long because the eye shadow is made from a  water-based liquid, it has a cooling effect on your eyes making this a 'must have' look for tired eyes. Blush and bronzer duo will give you a velvety smooth finish. It has a dewy cushioned texture that gives you a radiant look with the added benefit of the Vitamin E.

Eyes - Intense Ink Eyeliner is perfect for adding a sultry look to your make up. I have never been a fan of liquid eyeliner, but I must admit that I love this eyeliner. The pen is chunky to hold and that makes it easier to control as you use it. I normally only use eyeliner on my bottom eyelash area. but found this eyeliner to use really easily on the top of my eyelid too. The eyeliner lasts all day, we put it to the test last week when Tilly had a dress up day and I wrote on her face with the eyeliner. It was the hottest day of the year and she was sweating all day long, yet the eyeliner barely rubbed away. I would recommend this eyeliner for long-lasting and smooth lines on your eyes. This eyeliner will cost you £4.50 from Superdrug

Lips - I have the Matte Lip Colour in Tea Rose, It is a lip colour that you wind up from a pen and use. Whilst the lip pen is long and easy to use, the actual lip colour inside it was loose and wobbled about as I applied it. I was almost worried that it was going to snap as I applied my lip colour. The Tea Rose shade is very natural and will give you a nude look, maybe a bit too nude for my liking as I am a girl who likes brighter colours. But it is perfect for a day lip colour, It took a while to dry and stayed tacky for a long time, so it will be awkward to use if you are going out and your colour will disappear if you eat or drink. The lipstick had a good taste to it, sometimes I had used lipsticks and they taste of wax crayons. The lip colour has a fine tip and it does give an accurate coverage, but as it's so fine, it takes a bit of filling in. This is £4.50 and available in 7 shades. 

Face - To help to shape your face, E.L.F do 2 contour kits and each kit comes in four colours. there are a cream contour kit and a powder one. I have the powder contour kit and it has 4 shades that you can mix and match to get the perfect contoured look. You use the darker colours in areas that you want to give the illusion of slimming like hollow of your cheeks, the sides of your nose and along the chin and forehead. Then using a lighter colour, you highlight the top of your cheeks, the middle of your forehead, the middle of your nose and your chin. This will give you an illuminating look. I tried this kit out and I felt that it wasn't very effective. The powder didn't seem to blend in well together and it looked like I was left with dirt smudges on my face. I didn't think the highlighter was very illuminating. I feel that the cream contour kit would blend in better. The Contour kit costs £7.50 in Superdrug

Overall I wasn't impressed with the E.L.F products, I would buy the eyeliner again because I liked the longevity of it and it was smooth to use. I know E.L.F is popular among the younger customers but it really isn't for me. E.L.F is a big seller in Superdrug and I am sure it will continue to be. 

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