Monday, 19 June 2017

Gel-A-Peel Sparkle Bead Station Review

Tilly has been sent Gel-A-Peel bead station to review and as she is always making things with her Gel-A-peel sets, then I thought she would like to do this. She is 7 years old and really does enjoy the sets that she has already, but this set was different as she had to concentrate more (concentration isn't her best thing! The set comes with the bead station and 6 rods to make the beads on. It has 3 colourful and glittery gels as well as elastic to make the necklaces and earring parts. The gel tubes are smaller than the other sets, but there is still enough to make 100 beads for your jewellery.

Making the beads were easy enough for me to do, you turn the rod as you apply some gel to it but Tilly found it difficult to co-ordinate the gel application and turning the rod to get an even application. When you have finished applying the gel to the rod, you lift it out carefully and pop it onto a rod rack, where it will dry. You can add more than one colour to your bead design by leaving the first colour to dry for 15 minutes and then adding a second colour to the design. you can really build up some pretty cool designs and make your jewellery really unique to you.

When the Gel-A-Peel dries on the rods, you simply slip the beads off and they are ready to be put onto a necklace. you need to make sure that the gel makes a complete bead, because if you don't then you are left with broken beads and you won't be able to make the necklace. they are easy to thread onto the elastic to make the bracelet. You can also make pencil grippers easily by simply placing your pencil into the bead maker instead of a rod, and just simply place the design around the pencil. the idea of a pencil gripper is that it helps a child to hold the pencil and encourages them to write. We used them when Beth was younger because she had sweaty hands as a child and the pencil would slip when she wrote.

The Gel-A-Peel sets are completely adaptable to work with each other, so you can use the colours from other sets and also use any of the design sheets to add bits to your jewellery, making it even more unique. You can buy the Gel-A-Peel from places like Toys R Us for £21.99.

We did like the bead station because you can design the jewellery exactly how you want it but Tilly did struggle with the wheel that turns the rod and to apply the gel at the same time. the beads roll off from the rods really easily and they are easy to thread onto the elastic. The gel in the pack is glittery and it actually shows up as really glittery and shimmery when it's dry. I think Tilly needs to be a little older to be able to use this herself, so it's more suited for an older child, but it is a fab toy and it teaches them to be creative and imaginative.

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