Thursday, 8 June 2017

Have You Seen The Cosmetics From Nu Skin

Being a blogger, quite often I am lucky enough to get the opportunity to go to some really cool places and am often in London at a swanky event. Because I am always on the go, my bag is full of so much everyday work stuff that it leaves very little space for my make up bag. So I like to to keep just a basic make up kit in my bag. I recently received a selection of Cosmetics from Nu Skin to review and here is how we got on.

My cosmetics bag normally consists of products that I can use to create a day to night look, then If I am out all day I can touch my cosmetics up as appropriate. With eye shadow I like to have a palette, but most of mine are huge as I like the selection of different colours. The 5 colour eye shadow palette in violet breeze is a good day to night palette because you have a couple of lighter shades and then there are two darker violet shades. The palette is complete with a black eye shadow as the fifth shade, This is the colour that will possibly be the most important one for you to use because it is the shade that will help you to create the smoky eye look and you can also use it as an eyeliner. Sometimes if I am going out somewhere, I will use a black eye shadow over my eyeliner to give more impact and an intense eye look. When we are going out straight from work, we don't always have time to completely remove our make up and start again, so if you have worn the lighter colours in the Violet Breeze palette, then it is easy to cover with the darker shades. The palette is easy to use and the powder has a silky feel to it. Because the eye shadow goes on so silky and smoothly, then you end up with a really flawless look. The eye shadow stays in place and doesn't transfer onto clothes. The palette also comes with a sponge applicator and a brush so you can choose the best way to apply the eye shadow. The 5 colour palette is available from Nu skin for £50.57

Of course before before you apply the eye shadow, you need a good base on your face. Choosing the right foundation is important and that is why I always have a selection of different shades and foundations at home. Your skin colour changes all year round so for a basic foundation you should have two shades, one for winter, when you are paler and then another one for the summer when you have a tan. Its impossible to wear the same shade all year round. As well as foundation I also have CC cream, this is a tinted moisturiser which is a better option if you have dry skin. It will also help to balance the colour of your facial skin out. 

A foundation is heavier and will cover more, so it is better for a night out or if you are going to need a foundation that's going to last all day and the Advanced Liquid Finish is a foundation that has anti ageing ingredient added to it, so it will help to give you a flawless look by tightening up the skin and reducing the visible signs of fine lines and wrinkles. It has an SPF 15 added to the foundation and that will help to protect you from the free radicals that age our skin on a daily basis. It comes in a 30ml pump bottle so its easy and mess free to use, but is also a good size for popping in a flight bag or overnight bag if you're going away. It comes in 7 shades from light to dark skin and will cost £35.51. I have red cheeks, which is partially down to the fact that I have psoriasis but this foundation covered the red for me. I use a foundation more on a night out, because I want a better coverage and this foundation gives me a matt look, which is better on a night out. I used the foundation in Pink Ochre

The Advanced Tinted Moisturiser is a CC (colour correcting) cream, and because it is a moisturiser it is packed with anti ageing ingredients to help you with achieving the same flawless look as you will get with a heavier foundation. Where a foundation is normally mediumweight for your skin, the tinted foundation is a lightweight coverage, so it is better for daytime use and also perfect for wear in the summer instead of something heavy like a foundation. The CC cream evens out your skins colour and reduces the appearance of skin imperfections. The CC cream is water based so it is excellent for dry skin like mine. It contains SPF 15 to protect your face from some of the sun and everyday free radicals but you will need to wear an additional SPF protection to give you complete protection from the sun. apply it before the CC cream. The CC cream is £35.51, the same price as the foundation. I used CC cream in Sand.

Wearing the Advanced Tinted Moisturiser

For your lips, Nu Skin offer you a lip gloss or a lipstick, I usually go for a lipstick as I find them more moisturising on my lips and they last for longer. The Nu Colour Replenishing Lipstick has 8 lipsticks in the range and I was sent Cha Cha Red to try out. I believe every girl should own at least one red lipstick because it is such a sexy colour for your lips. On a night out, it brings attention to your face and a red lipstick seems to shape your lips so well. Your lips are often really effected with the effects of the weather and you usually notice them drying out with a change of season. The replenishing lipstick contains an anti-oxident to help protect them and with the creamy non-feathering formula, the lipstick will not bleed and leave you looking with smudged lips. This also means you don't need to use a lip liner too. The lipstick is so smooth to apply and it really does define your lips, The range has lip stick colours from nude colours to intense ones. I have reviewed the lip gloss before and the post is here. The replenishing lipstick is £17.78.

As well as using eye shadow to emphasise your eyes, you can use eyeliner and mascara. The Nu Skin Mascara is my favourite mascara EVER, I love that it isn't clumpy and makes my lashes look voluminous with the curved brush. I have reviewed it here. But the Defining Effects Smooth Eye Liner is new to me, I like to wear an eye liner on a night out because it really opens your eyes up and it makes your eyes look sultry and sexy. I apply it to underneath my bottom lashes and from the inner corner of my eye and sweep to the outer corner, this instantly emphasises your eyes, but if you use an eyeliner brush you can smudge the eye liner to give you a smoky look for the night out. The eye liner pencil is smooth, which makes it easier to blend it. The eyeliner comes in jet black and coffee for £12.37 each. For a really soft look you can also add some eye shadow over the eyeliner. 

I love that everything that I need to do a day to night look is in these few products. Because the products are aimed at the more mature lady, they usually have extra anti ageing ingredients in there which helps to benefit your skin. But anyone of any age could use the products as they are colours for all women. I found the products long lasting and the foundation blended well. I work for Superdrug and all though we don't stock Nu Skin, I got so many compliments on the way my foundation blended in. I am in love with these beautiful products and you will be too. You can order online by clicking any of the links and they offer fast delivery and the products are also packaged well. 

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