Saturday, 10 June 2017

How To Save Loads Of Money On Cruelty Free Holiday Essential

Being cruelty free is extremely important to people these days, so its so good to know that Superdrug Sells a majority of Cruelty free products. All of their own brand products carry the leaping bunny symbol meaning that they are not tested on animals and the ingredients are not tested on animals too. I work for Superdrug and it is fantastic to know that they have this policy because so many people feel passionate about it. Today we are going to highlight a way to get all of your cruelty free holiday essentials and save some money.

Have you heard of Zeek? It is an app on your phone or tablet where you get to buy vouchers at a cheaper price than you would get them in the shops. Before Christmas last year  I joined Zeek and I bought an online gift card for The Entertainer and got it at 20% discount. Then I used it on the website and bought loads of toys in the pre Christmas sale. If only Christmas shopping could be that easy all the time! Recently I purchased another voucher on there and got a Thomas Cook voucher with £100 on it and saved 3%, so got it for £97.00. That £3 may not seem like a saving to many people but it is a couple of ice creams when we go away. When you join Zeek, using a referral code, you get £5 off your first voucher. So if you join today using 2R8132R9, then add it to the promo section in the 'more' category and you have £5 credit on your account. You must do this before you order your first voucher. I will also get £5 added to my account. The credit cannot be added after the first purchase so please add it first.

Buying the gift cards is easy and then you go to the appropriate website and spend your gift card. So if you choose a Superdrug in-store voucher for £50, at the moment on Zeek you can get it for £47. saving £3 and then you get your £5 discount, so the £50 gift card will cost you £43. So you could buy  a lot of cruelty free products ready for your summer holiday for £50 gift card. Here is a selection that we found.

Superdrug Solait Sun Cream - buy one get one half price, so if you buy an SPF 50 for the kids at £4,49 and then an SPF 30 for you at £4.49, then you get them both for £6.73 plus triple points and a free gift of a cooling spray

First Aid Kit - A must have for all parents and a travel one will set you back £4.99

Bug Sprays - The Superdrug version is called Buzz off and can be found in the travel section, it will cost you £5.99 but thats better than being bitten.

Travel Sized Products - everyone has a different shampoo and conditioner or deodorant, so buying mini's is a perfect way to make sure the family has everything they want. Travel sizes are 3 for £3, you can carry them in hand luggage and for a family its only going to cost you about £3 for shampoo, shower gel and deodorant, that's your basics.

Anti Bacterial Wipes Or Gel - This is usually £1 from Superdrug own brand and it is perfect for on the plane after you have been to the loo or in foreign toilets without a working sink, we normally have a pack each in our bag.

Baby Wipes - No matter how old your kid is, you need them! 79p for My little Star wipes.

Travel Essentials - like Superdrug Ear Plugs and Travel Adaptors will set you back about £10 normally but at the moment with buy one get one half price you can get 2 plugs, ear plugs and a luggage strap for less than £10. It is always worth looking for the deals on offer.

Personal Essentials - Take stuff like Tampons and sanitary towels, they will be extremely expensive abroad and also painkillers for the whole family, you pay about 29p for paracetamol over her but in somewhere like Spain it is about £3 a packet.

So you can get all of your cruelty free holiday essentials for £43,  Why would you want to shop elsewhere? Using Zeek to buy store cards saves you a lot of that precious pre holiday money.

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