Tuesday, 6 June 2017

My Thoughts On Yet Another Terrorist Attack

Here we are yet again, less than two weeks after the atrocity in Manchester we are faced with another terrorist attack in UK. As news broke of a van driving into pedestrians at London Bridge, the country knew it was another terrorist attack. We didn't need telling! We all sat glued to social media as tears rolled down our faces and we watched the whole thing unfold.

I sat up until 3 am on Sunday morning as I watched the news unfold. Saturday night party goers had gone out for a night out in London and some of them never came home. Its heart breaking and knowing that it impacts the whole of the world is so sad. So this morning I explained to Tilly again what had happened in London. I feel that children should hear it from their parents before anyone else. A mother or father can break the news so gently and kids have access to the internet so easily, so if they watch online, they get the bare facts and it scares them. Tilly isn't quite ready for that, so I told her something bad had happened in London. She asked me if it was a bomb, her honesty astounded me because she instantly knows that terrorism has been a big part of the last few months. I told her that some men had used his van and run some people over.

She looked me in the eye and she started sobbing, She said to me  'Mummy, its happening too much now', As I cuddled her I thought about how she felt affected by the Manchester bombing because she had been in Manchester that day and with the terrorist attack over the weekend in London, she thought it was too close to home. London is her second home - she loves it there. We hugged and cried together.

We watched the One Love Manchester concert on Sunday night and I found it had to hide my tears. Ariana Grande put on such an amazing benefit concert for the people of Manchester. Ariana was criticised for going back to America a few days after the bombing, but she is a young girl of 23 years old. She needed her family and she needed to be somewhere that she felt safe. She has come back and she has shown how she is now so much a part of Manchester. She has pulled a concert together in a week and got so many other artists to participate. She has visited the victims of the bombing and has spoken to the families of the people that died.  She has shown great maturity in the face of terrorism.

We could all do with taking a leaf from her book and showing the terrorists that we will fight their evil with love. ONE LOVE MANCHESTER

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