Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Oyster Brightening Eye Serum Review And Competition

As you get to my age, so need all the help that you can get and that always comes in the shape of a bottle. I was sent a bottle of Oyster Brightening Eye Serum from Amazon to help me with the fine lines under my eyes. I am lucky as I seem to have good genes and although I am nearly 45 years old and approaching middle age, I have very few fine lines and wrinkles. I hope that my girls appreciate the genes that I have passed on to them.

I do have a 7-year-old and she doesn't like to sleep at nights, so by the time she usually gets to sleep it can be as late as 10 pm! although the late nights don't bother me because I am working until 7 pm some nights and don't get to spend time with her. But it leaves very little time for me to sit down and work on my blog. Then she is up at the first sign of light, usually between 6.30 and 8 am. I actually don't know how she does it because I am still tired and I am noticing the dark circles under my eye - in fact, my dark circles even have dark circles of their own!

So the Oyster Brightening Eye Serum is good for dark circles, the vitamin B3, green tea & essential oils all help to reduce the dark circle and puffiness. The serum is cool too, so that helps to make you feel more awake and your eyes feel refreshed. The hyaluronic acid and Q10 help to protect your eyes from the fine lines and wrinkles. When you open the bottle, the instructions recommend that you pump a small amount onto the palm of your hand (and yu do only need a tiny bit). Then cup your hands and hold it to your nose, to smell the essential oils and feel the naturalness of the product. The Oyster Brightening Eye Serum is all natural and is suitable for vegans. It is alcohol and perfume-free, so there are no irritants to upset any sensitive skin.

Dot the serum under the eyes

Pat the serum in and work it outwards
When you apply the serum, put it gently under the eyes in little dots, as the diagram below shows. Then as the cooling effect starts to work, use your baby finger and gently pat the serum in and work from the inner part of your eye to the outer part. You use your little finger because it puts less pressure on the skin and will not encourage fine lines to appear and always work outwards for the same reason. The patting also stimulates the under eye skin and will encourage it to look fresher as well as feeling fresh. The serum feels good on your skin and it is light to apply. Apply it morning and night as part of your skin care regime and you apply it along with a moisturiser. As the serum is a brightening one, you can also apply it below your brow line to open up your eyes and instantly give you stunning eyes. I don't know if I really noticed much difference with the fine lines and wrinkles but I did notice a difference with the puffiness and it did work at getting rid of some of the dark circles. So I would suggest this serum to brighten up your eyes because brighter eyes make you look healthier and younger. The bottle is white, so its difficult to see how much is in the bottle but the pump is easy to use and it comes out straight away.

The Oyster Brightening Eye Serum is available from Amazon for £14.99 and you get free delivery with Prime. If you don't feel that it works for you, then you have a 100% money back guarantee so you won't be out of pocket.

We have a competition to win a bottle of the Oyster Serum for one lucky winner and all you need to do is enter here

Win A Bottle Of Brightening Eye Serum By Oyster #1

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