Monday, 26 June 2017

Police Mr And Miss Beats

As you may know, I work as a fragrance advisor for Superdrug, I actually really love my job because I get to make so many people happy with selling them fragrance and I am here to ensure the women of the world get a fragrance for Christmas and not an iron or toaster.  Mr and Miss Beats come to us from police. The youthful, energetic and ultra modern neon colour earphones make this a fun fragrance for youngsters and those that are forever young at heart.

Miss Beats is a floriental fruity smell that has top notes of lily of the valley, coconut blossom and black currant, So these are the aromas that you will smell as soon as you spray your fragrance. Leave it to settle on your skin for 10 to 15 minutes, then the smell of white peach and heliotrope. As you wear it throughout the day, you will be able to define the smells of cashmere wood, sweet and sexy vanilla as well as an amber accord.

Mr Beats is a fresh fougere of apple sorbet, bergamot and cardamon as you first spray it onto your skin. Then as it settles onto your skin, you will be able to smell the lavender, marine accord and patchouli. As you wear the fragrance through the day, it will finally dry with the aroma of sandalwood and tonka bean.

Like always, these police fragrances look different to all of the other fragrances on the shelf at Superdrug. The neon coloured earphones are exclusive to Superdrug so you won't find it anywhere else. The Police skull bottles are always different, even iconic and extremely popular with the customers, and they are really collectable.The fragrance comes in EDT 125 MLS and will be £40, this is a good price for the size bottle that it is but at the moment it is an even better price at £20. the women's fragrance almost has a smell similar to Olympia and Babe Power by Miss Guided (both available from Superdrug). Mr Beats has a smell of freshness and woodland.

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