Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Recycled Paint From Reborn

 Never heard of recycled paint? Here’s the low down

Newlife Paints Ltd (www.newlifepaints.com) is a small recycling company that developed a method to re-process paint back to new quality, the old excess emulsion paint that is left over when anyone is painting their walls. Newlife Paints has a patent pending on their process and has won several awards for its development.

I am a parenting blogger over at www.epsandamy.co.uk but Newlife Paints is the family business, so I would never stop working here. The recycling process was “invented” by my father Keith: the paint arrives in its original tins having been collected for us at local waste recycling sites, we then sort it to colour and finish. We pick from that colour selection to make our new paint thus saving the waste of expensive pigments and resins. The paint is mixed using a special mixer developed especially for the purpose, tested in our laboratory and treated as necessary it is then remixed to ensure any additions are correctly mixed in, colour tested for matching to our colour chart. Then it is filtered and filled off into pots. Each pot contains approximately 95% recycled material and low VOCs.

We have licensed several companies in the UK to re-process paint using our technology and with our backup and are between us preventing about 1000 tons a year of waste paint from going to landfill or incineration. There is estimated to be 55 Million litres of paint going to waste in the UK each year so there is sufficient waste emulsion paint in the UK for more companies to become licensees.

Our paint is available for purchase through our website (www.rebornpaints.co.uk) or from several small interior designer shops. We, at Newlife Paints, have a colour range called Reborn Paints and of course white and magnolia. Our paint has a hard matt finish that will enhance your internal walls. Reborn is priced at £29 for 2.5 litres, but if you buy a sample pot we will give you a £5 discount of a full sized tin, so you get your money back from testing it. Our licensees sell paint under their own names, to the general public and to industry and we make paint for one company that sells it using their own name (Mini Moderns) to complement their wallpaper.

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