Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Scrummies natural Snack packs From Clearly Scrumptious *REVIEW*

Scrummies are a fab way to get fruit into your kids, they are a selection of raisins mixed in with other fruits like cranberries and cherry and raspberry. The raisins are all naturally flavoured and made from whole fruits. They come in their natural shape instead of being shaped like teddy bears or hearts because all though it is fun to eat food like this, it doesn't teach them what the fruits look like. They can then identify raisins as a treat but also as a healthy alternative to sweets.

The Scrummies are vegan, so perfect for my older daughter to snack on as she is a vegetarian and they are gluten, dairy and sugar-free. One packet will count as one of your 5-a-day and they are a perfect size for popping in a handbag or lunch box so they can have a snack at hand. Our kids use so much energy whilst charging around, especially in the summer. So it is handy to have a snack at hand to help to build their energy up again.

Clearly Scrumptious was first an idea that Rick Wadsworth and James Freddo had whilst out running in the Yorkshire Dales, they realised there was a huge gap in the market for a good quality healthy snacks to keep their energy levels up. They wanted something compact to put in their rucksacks, that didn't weigh too much. After chatting to friends, they agreed that they needed healthy snacks to be more available to adults as well as kids. So that's where Clearly Scrumptious was born in 2012. In 2014, they introduced a selection for the children in our families. They come in five different flavours; Blackcurrant, blueberry, cherry, raspberry and strawberry. There are just enough flavoured raisins in a packet to squash your child's hunger until lunch or dinner time.

The packets are fun, easy to open for Tilly and they come in boxes of five packs available in Morrison's Supermarket or online at To have a major supermarket behind the brand is exciting for Clearly Scrumptious because their market is families with children. These are a great alternative to sweets and Ocado also sell them where they are 33p a packet at the moment, which is cheaper than a bag of sweets. The Scrummies are all natural so you can be assured that it is only goodness going into your child. Kids have so much sugar in their diet these days and there is so much hidden sugar in foods, so these little bags of healthy snacks are not only good for your kid's diet but also importantly for their teeth.

They are ideal for kids over 12 months (but please supervise the child), they are small sized raisins and dried fruits in the packs and the packets are colourful, child-friendly and fun looking, the animations on the front of the packets are sure to draw a child's attention. They are also made with all of the kid's favourite fruits! Tilly loves these packets and I am sure your child will too.

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