Saturday, 24 June 2017

Superdrug Face Masks Review

Superdrug always offers good quality when it comes to their products, they are so confident with their own brand products that they offer a 100% money back guarantee with anything you buy that has the Superdrug star on its label. Superdrug products are also vegetarian and vegan free because they are not tested on animals, also the individual ingredients are not tested on animals either. This is why you will see the leaping bunny picture on the products too.

 Tilly and I have chosen you a selection of face masks so you can discover how good the products are. With a vegetarian in the family, we know how important it is to some people to ensure their products are not tested on animals. The Superdrug face masks are 99p each and are often found on a 3 for 2 offer. you won't be disappointed with the face masks either.

Tilly used the Cucumber Cooling Clay Mask and it is perfect for kids that want to take part in a pamper sessions like this because it is for sensitive skin. The mask is a clay mask that feels cold to put on your skin and with the benefit of the dead sea minerals and cucumber in the ingredients that will refresh and soothe your skin. This would be a perfect face mask to use in the summer as it is so cooling. Apply is and rinse it off with cool water after 10 to 15 minutes. pat the skin dry and never rub it, because that will irritate the skin and encourage wrinkles to appear.

I used Superdrug Anti-Ageing Moisture Mask because at my age every little bit helps! It is rich in antioxidant-rich fruit extracts and Vitamin E, so it also helps my dry skin, adding a little moisture from the Vitamin E. This will help to protect from the free radicals that we encounter every day in our lives. The mask also helps to firm your skin up and you will look and feel so much more radiant, you will have a healthy glow and feel fab too. Again I left this mask on for 15 minutes and rinsed it off with cool water.

These face masks are so cheap to buy and each sachet is just enough to cover your face and they are easy to remove afterwards. You can get them from your local Superdrug store or on the website,

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