Tuesday, 13 June 2017

What Are The Clothes Like At JD Williams?

My son gets married in September and the thought of going shopping for a dress horrified me. I can't be bothered to walk around shops for hours on end looking for a sensible dress for a special occasion. I don't have the time and I don't have the money. Every mother wants to look their best when their child gets married, so I knew it had to be something kind of special to see my son get married. I think its that I don't have the patience to go walking around stores trying on dozens of dresses and with a 7-year-old in tow, it's even more of a nightmare. I don't have time to spend wandering around shops either. So when JD Williams asked if I would like to choose some clothes from their Summer dresses, I thought I would take a look to see what they had to offer. I do like ordering online, its so easy to do and to be honest, most of my shopping from food to everyday essentials is done online. You can browse online stores at 3 am in the morning when you can't sleep and its so easy to do, no stress of moaning kids, no husband impatiently looking at his watch every 5 minutes and no achy feet from all of the stores that you have to go to.
JD Williams offered to send us some summer dresses in exchange for a review, I felt instantly relieved because online shopping is what I do best. When browsing the site, you get to filter the kind of clothes and sizes that you are looking for. So I could choose for my size, colour and type of dress that I wanted. This filtered out all of the clothes that I am not looking for and makes it easier to swoon over the ones that I want. Now I am not a dressy up person and I am happy in leggings and a loose top, so buying something for a special occasion is always difficult for me. But I found the perfect dress! It's not boring, it's not your normal hemline (I like to be different) and it is the perfect colour for a wedding in September. I feel that my son will be proud of my choice of asymmetric chiffon dress. Now I am a big girl, a size 28 in fact, so when I see models of a size 8 and 10 modelling clothes, it is difficult to imagine how it would look on you.  But with JD Williams, I am able to return the products, if I don't like the look of them on my body.

So the actual dress comes in a pale pink colour or black, I chose the pink. The fabric is light because it has the chiffon layer to go over the underdress. The fabric is also slightly stretchy because it has elastane in it, this makes the dress comfortable for the whole day because there is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable after eating because your dress has no 'give' in it. The colour, I think actually suits me, I am not used to wearing pink. And I like the top part of the dress almost separates it to look like a skirt and top. The dress has a zip and, it is hidden in the fabric, then there is a looped button hole at the top. I washed the dress on a hand wash (spinning at 600) and then tumble dried it. There was no shrinkage and as you can see by the pictures, it hasn't gone out of shape either.

The asymmetric chiffon dress is available from JD Williams for £49, which is a very reasonable price compared to what we would pay in a shop for a mother of the groom dress. It is 54 inches long at the longest point and it is available in sizes 10 - 32.

I matched the dress up with the Heavenly Soles Occasion Shoes, in size 6. They were in a standard width and the heels are only 2 1/2 inches high, so they are a good height for being on your feet all day at a wedding or outing. They are strappy, but the straps are not too tight. I have had strappy shoes before but they have been tight across the top of the foot. These are so comfortable to wear and easy to slip on and off. They are available in sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and they come in colours of black, gold, pink and silver. The shoes are £20 a pair, which is a fab price for a pair of shoes for a special occasion and when you partner it with the dress, you have a full outfit for £70! The straps are slightly shimmery adding to the party look.

I also chose a top to wear for the summer. I go to Turkey once a year and I never seem to find the right tops to put over a swim suit, so when I saw the Lovedrobe GB Bird Print Ruffle Blouse, I knew that I wanted it. It is a multi-purpose blouse because it is a day to night top, you can wear it with a strappy top underneath, I just wore a supermarket vest top that I already had and you then wear it without the strappy top for an evening, sexy and revealing top. The blouse is see through and cool to wear, especially in the sun. The ruffled sleeves are very pretty and I love how they hang off my shoulder, it makes it feel very boho and with the elasticated gypsy sleeve cuffs, it is so beautiful to wear.

The pattern is of birds. I tend to shy away from patterns like this because of my weight and feel they bring a lot of attention to my body, but I am now learning that I need to embrace who I am and being a larger lady, shouldn't decide what I buy. I think JD Williams understand this because they sell such a huge range of clothes for larger ladies and they are exactly the same as the dresses a smaller lady would wear. you could wear the blouse with leggings like I have or smart trousers. It is a good length and hides most lumps and bumps on your body. The neckline is a v-neck too so you could wear a necklace to dress it up on a night out. The Lovedrobe GB Bird Print Ruffle Blouse is available for £30 in sizes 16 - 30, it is only available in Ivory print at the moment, but I would wear this in a different colour as I love the design so much.

All of these outfits can be found on www.jdwilliams.co.uk as well as a huge selection of other summer clothes for the family. If you're not happy with your shopping you have the option to return it. The clothes are of a good quality and all washed and dried well, and kept their shape. I would buy these again and I liked the wide selection of brands on the JD Williams website.

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