Monday, 5 June 2017

What Are The Glasses Like From

I have been struggling with the sun in my eyes on the very rare sunny days that we have had this spring and summer. I do wear glasses, my eyesight seems to be getting worse, the older that I get. I am 44 now and think I have glasses for life! Luckily for us these days we are able to look for glasses online as there is more choice and we can do it from the comfort of our own home.

I really did need some prescription sunglasses and I was asked by the guys at to choose some glasses and review them. Now I am not the cleverest of people when it comes to choosing glasses because I never know what will suit me, I often need to have someone with me to give me a second opinion. And when you are ordering on line it is difficult to imagine how the glasses will look on your face when you get them. But when I took a look at the sun glasses there is an option to try the glasses on. You don't need to have the computer to do this because you can browse the glasses on your smart phone or tablet.
I chose some glasses and took screen shots of how they would look on me, then shared the images with my friends on Facebook. I could get my second opinion without having to even leave my house. The power of internet makes shopping on line so much easier these days! I liked the Durham sun glasses because I have worn sunglasses similar to this in the past and I find them so comfortable to wear, I also liked the blue tint in the glasses as it wasn't too dark and people will still be able to see my eyes and make contact with me. Although I knew what kind of glasses I was looking for, I still had to look at others in case there was something else I liked, there is nothing worse that choosing glasses and then finding something you like better.

When you use the option to try the glasses on, then it opens your front camera, so you simply take a selfie and the glasses are placed on your eyes. This is such a clever way to see if the glasses fit you and you can do it with all of the glasses on their website. You order your glasses and pop in all of your requirements for the glasses that you want to buy. You even get to choose what colour lenses you have and whether you're ready to send the prescription in there and then or later.

The website is extremely easy to navigate and its easy to put your details in to complete your order and your glasses will arrive within a week. So it is just as quick as ordering from a glasses shop but the prices are a fraction of the price. You can buy women's glasses as cheap as £12 and designer glasses as cheap as £40. Making them a lot cheaper than some high street stores and you also get a 90 day love it or return it policy and if you don't like the glasses, you can return them within 90 days.

So what did I think?

The glasses arrived in a protective case and then wrapped in bubble wrap for extra protection. Its nice to know that a company looks after your shopping even after it leave them. The glasses were a tighter fit than normal sunglasses that I have bought in the past, but I liked this because I don't want them being loose and falling off my head. The tint lenses in the frame are not too dark and I can walk in and out of buildings without having to take my glasses off as it is so dark. I even forget I have them on sometimes. The prescription is all correct and it means I can use the mobile to work on as I am on the move now and the sun doesn't get in my eyes. I don't need to worry about protecting my eyes from the UV rays as the prescription glasses will do it all for me. The frames themselves are strong and look to be made of a longlasting plastic. And how did they look compared to the try it on section on the website? I LOVE them and will look at ordering my glasses from here in the future

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