Monday, 12 June 2017

Why I Am so Disappointed With My Tory MP

I don't normally write about politics on my blog because it is always something that is guaranteed to cause arguments and make friends fall out with each other. But I felt so strongly about my disappointment this time round that I feel compelled to just write.

Our MP is Charlie Elphicke, He supposedly lives in the Dover area, but he is elusive and like most of the MPs he is very rarely seen in public around here. I have never been a voter that has stuck to the same party, I used to be a Tory voter, I have no idea why other than the fact that I was young and somewhat naive and just voted for who everyone else voted for. Then after the Poll Tax came in, I found myself as a Lib Dem voter. As my children came along, I swayed to Labour as they offered better family values for me. They seemed to help single parents and they helped me get back to work when the kids were little.

So for many years, I had supported Labour, then I started voting for Lib Dems because the values they supported suited me more as my kids got older, they promised to scrap uni fee's when Kim was looking to go to uni. Little did we know it was all a big lie and they soon jumped into the Conservative party. So I went back to being a Labour voter!

This year I voted labour, I like Jeremy Corbin's values and I like that he would rather talk with people than go to war with them. I also felt the need to get Charlie Elphicke out from the area, it is a well-known local fact and a joke in the area, that Charlie Elphicke is never seen and never helps any of his constituents unless there is a TV interview or a photo opportunity for him. We never see him getting involved in local projects and he never has anything to do with local events. I went to Canterbury Pride on Saturday and the newly elected Labour MP attended and spoke on the stage, she is working for the people and this is the kind of MP that I would like. It shows on the public too because they were cheering her and chanting her name instead of the boos that Charlie gets when he is about.

When I needed help from my local MP, I was at my wit's end. My daughter had been groomed by a paedophile and he had been sentenced to 2 years suspended sentence, which meant that my daughter couldn't get away from him. I went to Charlie for help and I phoned his offices, messaged him on his personal FB account and emailed him. The people on the end of the phone told me someone would get back to me, the messages were read and ignored. NOTHING was done to help me and NOTHING was done to help my vulnerable daughter. I felt completely let down by his failure to help someone in his area and for that reason, I will NEVER vote for him. I want someone in that will help the local people. Facebook is full of people who he has let down, and it's sad to read some of the stories about it too. Recently he was out canvassing in my area, I was out and it's actually a good job too because I would have been very much like Tom's Mum! I actually ended up going to another MP to make a complaint about him, and suddenly Charlie dropped a message to say he would help. By this time another MP was involved anyway.

So I was very saddened to wake up on Friday morning and find out that Charlie Elphicke is still our MP, he hasn't done anything to help the local people that really need his help. We now have so many years ahead of him not being helpful, him being paid to do something that he isn't and claiming expenses when he isn't even helping the people that actually need him right here and now. Shame on you Charlie Elphicke, maybe this time around you might be a little bit more helpful to the people that need you.

From a very disappointed member of public

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