Tuesday, 4 July 2017

A Weekend Trip To Basel

Recently I started to worry that I wasn't going to take Tilly on a holiday this summer after our epic trip to Europe last summer. Holidays in the summer holidays are just so expensive and quite out of my price range, so when the school announced there would be a 4 day weekend I knew that I had to book something for Tilly and myself. I looked and looked but couldn't find anything that appealed to me, until 2 weeks before the long weekend. I found myself on the Ryan Air website and I found some flights for £30 each to Basel in Switzerland. The room that we found on booking.com looked alright (but later we found that it was far from okay!).

I happened to post on a Facebook group that I was looking for some blog posts about Basel and another blogger happened to say that she was going too. What were the chances of that? So we met at 4 am in Stansted Airport and got to know each other before we flew off to another country together. Miranda blogs at www.ajulydreamer.com, so please pop over and take a look at her blog. The flight was due to take off at 6.55AM but was delayed by half an hour but it wasn't too bad and as soon as we got on the plane, Tilly was asleep. She doesn't like flying and this was the best thing for her to do, especially for me because she always thinks she is going to fall out of the plane when it turns. I soon fell asleep, Basel is a short flight, just over an hour but I had been up all night waiting at the airport and I needed to recharge my batteries. Tilly woke up just before we landed and that's when her ears popped.... I hate it when that happens as it is so painful for her.

We landed safely and headed into Basel town. I chose this destination because I had flown into Basel before, so I slightly knew the area and felt confident taking Tilly there. The other reason was that Basel is also on the border with Germany and France, so we get three destinations for the price of one. Basel has a Tripoint which is a point where three countries meet each other. There is even a monument that is placed near the actual point of the three countries meet. Although the actual point is in the middle of the River Rhine. It was quite surreal to be able to go to three countries all within minutes of each other. To get to the Tripoint, you need to take tram number 8 to Kleinhuningen, get off the tram and walk a little way to the river front. When you're finished, just get back on the tram and head to Wiel Am Rhein, where you cross the border to Germany. Jump of the tram at the stop next to the shopping center, then it is a short walk over the bridge to France. It is strange to know that you can go between three countries in ten minutes. A lot of Swiss people do this to save money on their shopping because everything is so expensive in Switzerland.

To get to Saint Louis in France you need to take the number 11 tram to St Louis and it stops just before the border, it takes about 20 minutes from the train station in Basel. Then you can hop on a bus to the town or walk it. St Louis is such a beautiful little town and full of flowers! There isn't really much there to do, but it is worth a quick trip there.

There is a lot to do in Basel, and we will cover more in the next blog post. The travel system in Basel is one of the best in a European city that I have visited and you can reach anywhere in the city on their trams or buses. Have you ever been to Basel?

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