Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Bailey The Tablet Cosy Holder, Review

I don't know about your kids but I do know that mine are quite tech savvy and even Tilly who is 7, knows so much more than me! She has a Kindle Fire for kids and she has had it for a couple of years and she actually has it glued to her hands sometimes. Because we don't watch normal tv, we usually use apps on the fire stick or on our smart devices to catch up and watch films. This means that Tilly has to use her Kindle propped up against the wall and more often than not, it slips down and she gets really annoyed. She can hold her Kindle but I really don't like her having it that close to eyes, so what was the solution? C

It came in the shape of this Cosy Holder.

The cosy holder is a bag for Tilly to carry her Kindle around as well as a holder to prop her Kindle up to watch. 'Bailey' is purple and comes in the shape of a friendly monster type being. She is very friendly and cuddly and Tilly takes her to bed at night (remove the strap for this). Bailey has a back zip compartment for the tablet to slide into and keep it safe as your child carries it around. The tablet is protected with all the padding from the Cosy Holder. They carry their Cosy holder around with an adjustable strap that clips onto the side of it.

When the child is ready to stop and read their tablet or watch something, they simply rest it in the ledge on the front of the cosy holder and it sits in nice and secure. Tilly has a Kids Kindle that has a protective cover on it, but the Kindle has to be taken out of the cover to fit in the holder. As her protective cover is foam, it's easy enough for her to do. The child can rest it on their lap to use it or pop it on a bedside table and watch something as they go to sleep. Let's face it, some of us give the kids a tablet to watch before they sleep. The cosy holder is perfect for travelling because they can use it in the back of the car or on a train. Tilly is quite happy to carry it around but make sure there is some protection on their neck because it rubbed her neck a little bit. As the strap is adjustable, they can carry it with a shorter handle too.

Bailey is very soft like a stuffed toy or a teddy bear, so Tilly takes hers to bed sometimes to cuddle up. Bailey is a much-loved part of her toy family now and it means she no longer has to hold her Kindle right up to her eyes. We all swear that we will be different to our own parents, but I hear myself saying 'you will get square eyes if you sit that close to the screen' just like my mum used to say to me.

Cosy holder is a new business and you can keep up to date with all the news on their Facebook page. and you can order your own Cosy Holder here and they are £5 off at the moment. So you get you own Bailey or Frankie for £19.99. Frankie is green so if purple isn't your colour, then go for Frankie. What are you waiting for? get off and get your kids a Cosy Holder to help to support their tablet instead of it being glued to their hands.

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