Friday, 28 July 2017

Cadburys Little Pi-Cow-So Drawing Lessons For Adopt A Cow

Kids that live in big cities quite often don't get to enjoy the countryside and everything that comes with it. Tilly is lucky because we live in Kent, we have a house on the sea front and within a ten-minute walk, we are in the countryside. It means that Tilly gets to enjoy the best of both worlds. But for some kids in the cities, it isn't possible for them to enjoy the delights that the countryside brings. Cadbury has done some research and they discovered that 10% of kids think that a cow is as big as a double decker bus and 10% of kids think that a cow is as small as a cat. So Cadbury has decided to make kids more aware of cows because they are an important part of the chocolate making process.

They have come up with the Adopt A Cadbury Cow campaign, where you can adopt a cow by simply going to and adding your unique code that is found on the inside the packet of chocolate buttons. You can choose a cow and then leave your details, this means that you are entered into a competition to win a visit to meet your adopted cow too. The prize is an overnight stay for the family and a visit to the farm where your adopted cow lives. When you have entered the competition you get an email telling you about the cow that you have adopted.

We were invited along to the Barbican centre on Saturday to meet the impressive eight foot animatronic Cadbury cow where we would learn more about cows and how to draw them. Tilly has never been one for drawing, so she was ready for the challenge. And to be honest, it was good to see the animatronic cow because it really did make it real for the children and they got to touch the cow and share their drawings with her.

The class was run with Rose Blake, an illustrator who spent time with all of the children and said how much she loved their pictures. She found something really positive about each one and the children beamed with pride at their creations. This kind of praise not only bumps up the children's confidence but also makes the parents feel so proud. It was so lovely to meet her.

So what are you waiting for? Keep all of the code from inside the special packets of Cadbury buttons and go to adopt a cow, you can adopt as many as you like with different codes and that gives you more entries into the draw to win the super overnight stay to meet your cow. More details can be found at

This post was a collaboration with Cadburys and the Adopt A Cow campaign.

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