Thursday, 20 July 2017

Cars 3 Movie Plush Toy Review

Disney films never fail to grab kids attention and I remember taking the older kids to the cinema when they were older and here I am again with Tilly at an age that she wants to see all of the Disney movies as they are released. So this summer Cars 3 was on our list of things to do with her.

All Disney films have a message in them and this one had a message that was actually close to home for me. Lightning McQueen is feeling pushed aside for a younger version! Does this seem familiar ladies and gents? Lightning McQueen has his old friends that he races with all of the time but now there are now boys on the block and they have modern technology to help them to be successful. He tries to win against the next generation of racers but he is caught up in a car wreck and it takes a few months to recover. When he makes his mark back on the track again, he is more determined to show everyone what he is made of and that they can't write him off yet.

You see some very new characters in the film as well as some of the regular ones and along with new movies, there are always the toys! So we were sent some Cars 3 soft toys for Tilly to review and enjoy whilst she went to the cinema to whats the movie.

We were sent some medium and large plush toys, one was the new car, Cruz and also good old Mater, who always makes me laugh in the Cars movies

The toys are a range of soft toys from Posh Paws and are available in all good toy shops close to you like Debenhams, They are reasonably priced from pocket money price of £5.99 to £14.99. Because they are soft toys, it makes them ideal for kids of all ages and all of them are made with such detail. We were sent some key rings with the characters on them, you certainly wouldn't lose your keys with these on them! But Tilly has decided they are to be placed on her book bag for when she goes back to school in September.

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