Friday, 28 July 2017

Dobble, The Board Game For All Ages

I have always thought that board games are an extremely important part of family life, it is great to put all of our phones down, put the Kindles away, switch the laptops off and spend some real quality time bonding as a family. Ever since the older kids were little, we have always had games around the house. As they got older the games were replaced with games for adults, so it was strange to go back to kids games after Tilly was born.

We were recently sent a game called Dobble to review, it is a cross between snap and dominoes. It is fast paced and can become hectic as you play it, especially as up to 8 players can play. So the idea of the game is that you get given some cards with 8 different symbols on them and you have to match it with one of the symbols on the cards that are placed on the table. A little bit like playing snap, but you don't pick the cards up. The winner is the first one to get rid of all their cards, there is no order in which you go, and it is the fastest person to match a symbol that wins the chance to put the card down. There are other game ideas in the rule book, but this is the easiest one to play with kids. Tilly gets a bit confused with the cards on the pile changing all the time, as soon as she finds a matching symbol, someone else seems to get in there before her. It is a good game to for observation and reflexes.

We also played the games as adults after we had a few vodka's, We took it to the pub garden and pretty soon there were other customers joining in. It was a fab little conversation starter and as the game comes in a tin, it is easy to pop it into your handbag. Obviously, when you have had a few drinks, the game becomes more difficult. Your observation and reflexes are compromised meaning that the game gets funnier and very much louder because everyone wants to win.

The cards are quite thick and because they are round, the edges don't bend like on a standard pack of cards. The tin is a perfect size for taking away in the summer holidays for days out or camping trips. The symbols are all different sizes and colours, but as you are playing you will find that what may be a big ice cube on one card, will be a small ice cube on another card. This adds to the confusion of the game and in my opinion, makes it more fun to play. The game is available to buy from Argos for £12.99 and is part of their 3 for 2 offer at the moment. Its such a simple game to play, but you can adapt it to make it more difficult or use one of the other 4 game options that are in the rule book. This really is a different game, every time you actually play it.

We gave this game a big thumbs up.

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