Monday, 3 July 2017

Helping Kids To Cope With Their Problems With The Worry Wizard

Tilly is always worrying, is it any wonder with the things she has been through in her life? She has had to cope with a lot over the years we have tried different things from worry dolls to keep her worries and dream catchers to catch her bad dreams. But she still worries about EVERYTHING! She worries that she will be late for school, She worries about who is picking her up from school. She worries about travelling and recently she was worried about going on a plane when we went to Switzerland.

We received a book to review just in time for the trip, called Jack And The Worry Wizard byAmy Smythe and Chay Hawkes. The book is all about Jack and how he worried about something that seemed so big in his little head. We can all empathise with the boy in the story because we all worry all the time, especially about everyday things.

The book is simple for Tilly to read and the story was easy for her to follow, it talked about the Worry Wizard using pictures to help the children explain about their worries. Tilly recently had to have a therapist at school to help her with some mental health problems that she was having. The therapist used picture therapy to help her explain her worries and bad thoughts. She did feel better after her sessions and it's good that the book explains that there are people to help them listen to their worries. The book explains that there are always adults around to listen to their problems. The book shows that it is okay to believe in yourself and that with the help of others you can put your worries away and move forward. It shows that you can find methods of coping with your worries.

The book has writing that is easy to read and the font is fun. It only has a few pages so it isn't too long for the kids to read by themselves. The illustration is bright and colourful except for when Jack is feeling down. We all know how it feels to be down in the dumps and that everything is so black when we feel there is nothing we can do with a problem. There is a black cloud over you and the book goes through this with your child and shows that once you talk to someone about your problems, the black clouds move away and as their worries are shared, the child feels so much better and their worries have disappeared.

Amy Smythe is an accredited counsellor and psychotherapist with over ten years experience. She specialises in family and child psychotherapy. So she is the perfect person to write the book, It does mirror Tilly's life so she said she felt 'at one with Jack'. The book also comes with pockets in the front and back of the book, They explain to the child how to be a worry wizard and it encourages them to get their friends to know about the worry wizard and that if there is a group of friends, they can help each other. pop over and give them a like on Facebook or Twitter.

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