Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Keeping Kids Occupied In The Summer With educational Quizzes

Yes! its the last week of term and I for one am looking forward to the summer holidays of no having to stick to routine apart from the days that I need to go to work. Tilly is ready for the summer holidays too, the past academic year has been a big one for her because she was diagnosed with severe dyslexia part way through the year and I have noticed her struggle more. When she was diagnosed, a few months into year 2, she was at a reading level of the end of reception class. So I introduced some online learning websites to help her along the way.

One website that we have come across is Educational Quizzes, It is suitable for children of all ages that are from KS1 right through to GCSE studying. The site works alongside the national curriculum and the quizzes are a good way to keep your child's mind active and to remember the lessons that they have learnt at school. Doing these quizzes will help to build up confidence in your child and in turn, they will be happier and more content at school because of this.

The quizzes are put into sections of KS1, KS2, KS3 and GCSE, so you simply go to the key stage that your child is at, Tilly is in Key Stage 1 so that's what we have chosen to use. Once you click on the key stage that you want, it opens up a page where you can choose which lesson your child would like to do quizzes on. The younger children will need help to read the questions, but this means that it is something for you both to do together. When you have done the quiz with your child, you get to see their marks out of 10. You can then choose to retake the quiz or to go on to another quiz. The quizzes are good to watch your child do because I know that Tilly doesn't really talk about school work and it will help me to understand where she is in her education. Because the quizzes are fun and multiple choice too, it isn't too difficult to find the answers, and the quizzes are written by teachers who understand the level that the kids are at in their education.

I know that some children are so much happier when they are learning, Tilly wants to learn all the time and she is like a sponge, taking in all of the knowledge. So in the summer holidays, she can get bored as her brain isn't being stimulated enough, we can do days out and she thrives on the things that she learns but To have a website like this means she can use it for an hour a day and she gets her fix or learning. Her favourite subject is history, so she likes to learn about things from the past all the time, so the history section on the KS1 is perfect for her. But also there are some specialist quizzes, these are aimed at slightly older children (and even some adults) but there is a section of quizzes on London. This is Tilly's most favourite place in the UK to be and she has enjoyed doing the quizzes with me and we both learnt a few things about London that we didn't know.

These quizzes do keep your kids entertained and keeps their mind ticking over, The summer holidays are approaching and it's a long time for them to not be learning anything so you could take out a subscription at £9.99 a month, and it will suit all of your children in different stages of their education, that is £2.50 a week to keep them occupied and their brain active. You would pay that much to hire a film for them to watch for one day over the holidays. The subscription can be cancelled at any time and it can be started again when ever you want it. There is also a school subscription where schools can buy the subscription and kids can use it at home, This way it works out as cheap as £2.00 per child, per year. So it's worth mentioning this to your school to see if it's available for your child. 

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