Saturday, 22 July 2017

Ten Reasons Why Gratisfaction Uk Is The Best Freebie Site To use

Everybody loves a freebie, don't they? I remember when I was younger and I had to fill in a form, send it away and wait for the freebie to arrive. By the time you had paid for the stamp, it really wasn't a freebie. These days with the internet so easily accessible, we can get freebies on a daily basis and it didn't cost you a thing. We use a website called and here are 5 reasons why it is so simple to use.
1/ The website is so easy to navigate, whether you're using a computer or a mobile. Personally, I prefer the mobile version but then I am always on my phone! you come to the home page and it gives you the options for different sections of the website  - Freebies, bargains, hot and voucher codes. Just click the section that you want.

2/ The freebie adverts are clickable so if you see a freebie that takes your fancy, simply click on it and it takes you to the website and you fill in your details. I love simplicity like this.

3/ They offer a ''guaranteed Gratisfaction'', so you will know they have been checked and verified as a freebie and there will never be a spam or fake freebie on offer. 

4/ You can see the most popular freebies because website users can vote whether they like a freebie or not. This is very helpful for choosing whether to choose a freebie to click on or not. When you have applied for your freebie, simply vote the link up and it helps the next person looking for freebies. 

5/ You can keep in touch with the best freebies by signing up for the newsletter or following Gratisfaction Uk on twitter at @GratisFreebieUK. The twitter is updated all day with the freebies, so you should never miss one.
6/ The freebies and special offers on the website are always in date and are updated all the time so if there is a new freebie out there, the Gratisfaction Uk team will find it and add it as soon as possible.

7/ They listen to their website readers and if you don't get 'Gratisfaction' then they want to know about it through the 'contact us' button. They like to hear alternative ideas and if you have a freebie to offer, it might be worth using that button to contact the team and share it with them. 

8/ Do you like a bargain? we all want those shopping bargains, I know I try and look for them all the time to help with the rising costs that we have all the time. click on the bargain section of the website and see what bargains you can grab if there is a 3 for 2 offer to be had or something has gone half price, check it out on Gratisfaction.

9/ There is a Hot section, so if you want to see what everyone else is getting for free, click on to that part of the website and you will find all of the best freebies around.

10/ The mobile version is so easy to use, I commute to work and as I use the bus, I often find myself browsing the internet. So it's the best time for me to work through the daily freebies that are new to the website and fill out the forms. It passes the time and hopefully, I get loads of freebies popping through my letterbox. The best thing is that quite often too they are full-size freebies!

I don't know about you guys but all of the freebies that I get, all save me money that can be put elsewhere. Especially with the summer holidays here, and needing a few extra quid to take the kids out somewhere nice. Over the year you can save so much more and you can pop the freebies away for birthdays and Christmas. We have even used freebies as teachers gifts - but don't tell them! pop over and take a look at to see what excellent freebies you can get!

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