Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Top Five Skin and Hair Moisturising Products From Nu Skin

We seem to finally have some kind of summer here for us all to enjoy, but please remember how much it can dry your skin out and damage it without the correct protection and after care. I usually use a good protection sun cream, but my skin is dry in the first place because of psoriasis, so I usually use a good body product afterwards.

Nu Skin has a whole range of products that help to keep my skin moisturised and stop my hair from drying out, So what are my top 5 products to help keep your skin and hair in tip top condition this summer?

Nu Skin Moisture Mist is a 250ml bottle of moisturising mist for not only your body but also your hair and face. This means that it helps to moisturise you from head to foot, and its actually handy to have it all in one bottle. It contains hyaluronic acid that will help to keep your moisture levels at a point that they should be and humectant sodium PCA which will help to safeguard your moisture levels. This moisturising mist is cooling to use, especially after you have been out in the sun. because you can also use it on your hair, it means that it will help if you have coloured or damaged hair. I have recently gone blonde and it has really dried my hair out, so this has really helped me to try and get my hair back into some sort of condition. When I go to Turkey, I always take a cooling spray but this year, I will be taking this because it is just as cool as the spray and will also moisturise my body at the same time. The best thing about this product is that it isn't oily like many body mists. This is £13.87 to buy which is a bargain because you pay around £8 just for a cooling spray in a drug store, but you get the benefit of a moisturiser too.

Liquid Body Bar is a moisturising wash, when you have your bath or shower after being out in the sun this is perfect to use. It has an uplifting grapefruit aroma that will awaken your senses after feeling so drowsy from the sun. It is also good to use in the morning before the day has started to give you a moisturising base on your skin for the day. Personally, I prefer a liquid wash to a bar of soap, and this one is silky to use. The Liquid Body Bar is soap free, which is good because  I find soap can be very drying for my skin. It doesn't come out of the bottle too fast and you only need a little bit at a time because it goes a long way. It feels creamy to apply and leaves a long lasting citrus smell on your skin. My skin felt soft for the whole day after using it in the morning. When you have dried after your shower or bath, use a moisturiser cream or the Nu Skin Moisturiser Mist. The Liquid Body Bar is £12.54 from Nu Skin.

Moisturising Shampoo is a product that I really need in my life at the moment. I have decided to go blonde and it has really dried my hair out so I really need a moisturising shampoo. With the benefit of cotton bloom extract, natural sterols and shea butter, my hair is nourished with the essential moisture that it really needs. The cotton bloom extracts work on the cuticle of your hair to smooth it down and help to build the keratin in the structure. The shea butter fills in the cracks of the cuticle and strengthens your hair shaft. With my hair being bleached and then having another colour added to the top, it is dried out enough but add the factor of the sun shining down on my hair, it is going to dry it out even more, so it really needs as much moisture as I can add to it. After using this shampoo, you can follow it with the Nu Skin weightless conditioner and use the Nu Skin Moisture Mist. The shampoo is only for hair that is in need of moisture because if you use it on normal hair it can leave it feeling greasy  ( I tried it on Tilly's hair, as it was the first one I grabbed). It doesn't really have a smell to the shampoo but I quite like that as some shampoos can be slightly over powering. The shampoo leaves the hair feeling soft and it is easy to manage.

The next two products are from the Epoch range, Nu Skin donates $0.25 to the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation for the Malawi Seeds of Hope project. This helps to nourish the children of Malawi and help them to grow into strong adults, who then, in turn, are able to support their own children. when you buy these products, you are not only benefiting yourself but also many other underprivileged people.

Sole Solution Foot Treatment is to give you beautifully moisturised feet ready for the sandals that you will be wearing this summer. I don't know about you guys, but my feet always seem to crack with the change in the weather. I always suffer from sore and cracked heels at the start of the summer or winter. The Sole Solution is a thick foot cream that will help to get your feet back in fab condition with the help of allspice berry (Pimenta dioica). This has been used by the indigenous  people of Central America. As well as using this twice a day on my feet, I actually use it on my patches of dry skin where my psoriasis is and it eases it for a little while. It is good to apply before I go out anywhere for an evening. This costs £21.97 and you use a pea sized amount on each foot. You could even use this on your elbows too if you suffer from dry skin in that area.

Epoch Baobab Body Butter is a moisturiser made from shea butter and the fruit of the African baobab tree. I love body butters because they are so thick and don't run as you use them, so you know that all of the product will be absorbed into your skin. As well as giving you an all day moisturising feeling, it will also help to smooth out the dry parts of your skin and is full of anti oxidants. I have been using this for a few years now and I have written about it here. When you apply it, you can use it all over your body and pay particular attention to the really dry parts like your knee's and elbows. Like all of the Epoch range from Nu Skin, The body butter has a natural aroma to it, which means you know you are benefiting from natural ingredients in the product. I do apply this liberally all over my skin and it feels slightly oily to start with, but that.s what my skin needs as it is so dry. This is available for £29.90 from the Nu Skin Website.

Take a look at the other ranges available at www.nuskin.com and please check out my recent cosmetic post from Nu Skin, you will find it here . What are your top moisturising products?

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