Saturday, 29 July 2017

You Can Tutu Digital Download Review

As Tilly is getting older she wants to watch more films for her age and older, so she was sent a preview copy of You Can Tutu to watch on her own tablet at home. The film will be downloadable from 31st July in time for your children to enjoy in the summer holidays.

Growing up is hard enough to do but when you're a 12-year-old  like Tutu Marlow it seems so much harder. she hasn't ever really had a problem with fitting in until her first day at Best Pointe Ballet School. Tutu feels so at home on the stage and drifts off into her own little world whilst dancing. She comes from a single parent family and her dad, Dan, has always believed in her. But it's always been just the two of them... until now. Moving to a new neighbourhood, a new high school and a new ballet school is more than just a bit unsettling. It's downright difficult. It's not just the school's uptight head dance teacher Tabitha who's doing her best to knock Tutu's confidence down a peg a two. The other girls are competitive and mean, and their mothers aren't much better. At least Tutu's made some great new friends. Clumsy Rosily and spelling bee champion Mannie think Tutu's unique dance talent is pretty awesome. So does the new dance teaching assistant, Kat. But if Best Pointe is going to have a chance at the National Ballet Championships, Tutu is going to have to learn to believe in herself.

Tilly enjoyed the film and I watched it too, and it really reminded me of when the older girls were growing up and how snobbery and bullying are so rife in the schools and after school clubs. I almost saw a lot of myself as a younger mother in this film. I was a single parent and wanted my kids to do the best ballet classes and strive to better than self than me, but I always seemed to be looked down at. These days we don't do things like that with Tilly because of my experiences with the older children. I suppose it's the clique-ness that I hated. You see it in this film, some of the parents are striving to outdo each other and it rubs off on the children. There's a lot of competitiveness and eventually, the girls find that working together is more beneficial to them and that they can strive to make their dreams come true. Everybody comes from a different back ground and that's what makes the world go round. Everybody has their own personality, their own dreams and aspirations and everybody has the potential to follow these dreams. So whether you find wearing glasses hold you back or you don't have the confidence to do something, then you can change your mindset and full fill your potential.

The film is British, which I absolutely LOVED! It kind of keeps it real for Tilly to watch and she can associate with the characters more. Dan is an average dad, doing an average job with a garage full of junk that he is doing up, it's cluttered and busy and made me feel at home. Tutu goes to a school similar to Tilly, rather than a completely different Americanised one and there is some really good young British talent in this movie. Home grown entertainment is always the best! We would give this film an 8/10. The only thing I found unrealistic was that there were only 5 girls in each class and in the competitions there were only 3 schools entering. But then when you're making a movie, you can't have everything included. Tilly loved the movie and has been inspired to want to dance more now.

You Can Tutu is available on digital download on these platforms iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, Microsoft, Sky Store, Sony, Wuaki from 31st July and will cost you £9.99 for an HD download and £7.99 for an SD download.I hope your little girl (or boy) enjoys it as much as Tilly.

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