Tuesday, 22 August 2017

5 Things To pack For Brownie Pack Holiday

Tilly has just gone on her first Brownie Holiday, she has waited for this day since she was old enough to understand that Kim, her older sister is a Brownie leader. I thought it would be a breeze but as the time got closer, I realised there were some things I needed to pack to make her feel less homesick

Suitcase Label

Some girls have never been away like this and even if Tilly goes away, she would never recognise her own suitcase in a room of 30 different ones. So create a label that she will recognise, We used Gel-A-Peel and Tilly personalised hers before she went. It was simple to do, we got a £1 label and got to work with the Gel-A-Peel. You can buy Gel-A-Peel from places like Argos for £14.99 and it didn't take much to personalise her label.

Her favourite Teddy Bear

No matter whether your daughter is 7 or 11, they will want a favourite teddy to make them feel like home. You could spray it with your favourite perfume or smell that your daughter is familiar with. Add a scarf that you normally wear. If your little girl gets upset, she has a piece of you there with her. Tilly's favourite teddy is Bailey, a cosy tablet holder. It's different, but her favourite nonetheless.

A Camera

Send them with a disposable camera, they will want to record everything and share the experience with you. Their pictures might not be great but it is their opportunity to capture their memories. This might be your daughters first time away from you and this is a way to enjoy some of the experience together. I would advise a disposable camera, then if it gets lost, it's not too bad as losing a digital camera. We got one in Asda for £6.99.

A Purse And Spending Money

Tilly is useless with money and I expect her to buy something absolutely useless with her £20, but it will have been chosen and paid for by her so she is learning to be independent. Find a fun purse that is likely to be different to the other girls and one that she will instantly know is hers. I actually sent Tilly with a fun makeup bag for her money.

A Torch
Send them with a torch because they will be disorientated if they wake up in the night. With a torch that is familiar to them, then they can use it to help them in the night and they won't be so scared. Tilly has a minion torch, that her sister gave her.

Don't forget to send lots of letters if you can, Tilly will be staying in a hall and it has a postal address so I am able to write to her and hopefully she will write to me. Good luck with your first Brownie pack holiday!

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