Wednesday, 23 August 2017

7 Day Nail Wear From JustMyLook.Com

In my job, I like to think of it as a glamorous job. But The reality is far from it. Although my job title is Fragrance advisor in Superdrug, I do find myself doing other jobs too like changing shelf edging and cleaning of our store. So when I use a nail polish, it chips within a day. For this reason, I never wear nail polish to work........ until now!

I was introduced to CND Vinylux from at a recent blogging conference and they promised a 7-day coverage on the nails. I laughed as it was applied and I actually told the nail technician that in my job, it would be chipped within a day or two. The thing is that it didn't! I found myself removing it from my nails 3 weeks later.

The way it works is that you apply your colour to your nails, I gave mine 2 coats to ensure that I had a really good coverage. Don't take the polish too close to the edge of your nail because it will flood them and you will spend ages trying to clean the edges up. Always let the first coat dry fully before you apply the second coat. When those two coats have completely dried, you add the top coat. The topcoat is an activator and it works with the chemicals in the polish. This is the part that really helps to keep your nails nicely polished for 7 days. I always use 2 coats at this stage.

There is a huge range of shade to choose from on the website and they are priced at £6.90 instead of the RRP of £10.99. With Free delivery on all orders too, then you really are onto a winner. With the whole range of colours in their collection, you can easily choose different colours to suit your mood and the season.

I was sent three shades to try, Pink Pursuit, Creekside and a shimmery coral shade called Jelly Bracelet. I must admit, that the Jelly bracelet is my favourite by far because of the shimmery look. And finally, of course, the top coat that will air dry on your nails and help it to last for 7 days. The days of sitting in a salon and having gel overlays are long gone and now it's all about doing nails at home. I did find the nail polishes easy to use to use, sometimes a gel type polish can be thick to apply but these are easy and the smell isn't too strong either. If you are looking for a particular colour, you can even mix them to create your own shade. Overall I am very happy with the polishes and they really do last at least 7 days ( mine lasted up to 3 weeks, I only removed it because I had some regrowth there and it looked untidy). The delivery is free and quick and they come wrapped up securely with bubble wrap for protection. So if you're looking for fantastic names on a budget, pop over to  Just My Look and put in your order.

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