Tuesday, 8 August 2017

A Mermaids Tale Movie Review

A Mermaids Tale is about a teenage girl, Ryan (Caitlin Carmichael), and her dad Matt (Jerry O'Connell) as they find themselves moving back to the dying fishing town of Santa Carla where Matt grew up. Grandpa Art is full of stories of mermaids and tells them to Ryan.Ryan struggles to settle into the whole new life and can't make new friends. That is until she meets Coral, a mermaid.

As they settle in and Matt reacquaints himself with his old friends, Ryan starts to become best friends with Coral and they both have lessons to learn about how each other lives. Ryans grandpa still rambles on about the mermaids and his words are taken as that of a delusional old man. He is a fisherman but with the waters around the town sparse with fish, we see them struggle to survive.

Eventually Coral takes Ryan to the place that she lives and as we go into the caves, the story really starts to unravel and there really is more to this little town than first meets the eye.

Tilly enjoyed the film, but she only asked to watch it once, she was excited to tell me what it was all about and how it was going to finish. She always spoils the ending for me! Normally when she watches a film, she will watch it over and over again, but this one she hasn't - so although she enjoyed it, it isn't one of her favorites. The background in the underground cave looks quite fake on the film and reminds me of an early 80's movie, but you soon get swept into the story again. As the story unravels, you find yourself on the edge of your seat as this turns into some kind of love story and you realize that when Matt and Ryan returned home, they bought reunited more of the family than they realized. Its a story of friendship and how a strong friendship can defy all the odds but it is also a lesson of how we treat the world sometimes and abuse the surroundings that we have.

This film is released on August 14th in time for the summer holidays and you can watch it online
with iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, Microsoft, Sky Store, TalkTalk, Sony, Vubiquity for £9.99 HD/£7.99 SD

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