Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Colouring Your Hair Rose Gold With Superdrug Pick & Mix

 I am officially a brunette but as I get older, the grey comes through so fast and it's hard to keep up with the colouring. It seemed like as soon as I would colour my hair, it would be showing the greys within a week or two. I had always said that I would go blonde when I got older because it was a great way to hide the grey hair. So in the summer, I bit the bullet and a friend coloured my hair for me. It wasn't easy and it involved pre-lightening first to strip the red tones away. But I was happy with the results.

I do get bored with my hair colour and although I love my new found fondness for the blonde hair, I miss the colour in my hair. So can you imagine the joy when Superdrug sent me 2 boxes of Pick & Mix permanent colour in Rose Gold. My son is getting married in a few weeks and I was going to leave it until after his wedding day but then I decided that life was too short and I really wanted to do it now! The colour is only ideal for pre-lightened hair or blonde hair (but for the most intense shade, I would suggest being really blonde).

Before you colour your hair, what ever brand of home colourant you are using, you need to do a patch test 48 hours before hand. This is to check for allergies, we have all seen the newspaper articles about people that have swollen faces and go to the press to complain about it. The fact of the matter is that a skin allergy test was never carried out in the first place. Also, leave it a week after pre-lightening your hair as this also contains hydrogen peroxide and it will dry your hair out further.

I am 44 years old and wondered if the colour would actually suit me, but like I said earlier, you do only live once! So I did it. I needed two boxes as my hair is quite thick and I use two boxes for a good coverage, whatever brand I use. I found the instruction leaflet in the box, easy to follow and applied the colour.With this product, you mix number one and two together to activate the hair colour and just apply it all over for a first coverage. It did panic me a bit as it was processing because it went a salmon pink colour first and seemed to stay that shade for a while. But after the full processing time of 30 minutes, I rinsed the colour away and the shade was actually a perfect shade or rose gold.

I love the shade, I didn't know how it would go with my hair and I loved it. I would recommend 2 boxes if your hair is my length and thick. It feels soft and is quite shiny to look at. Always use the conditioner in the box afterwards because that is the product that closes your hair cuticle and gives you the shine. I did wonder how it would look on a 44-year-old woman and now I know! The Pick & Mix colours like this are permanent and should last about 6 weeks before you need to look at doing a regrowth application. I have washed my hair a few times and it has not washed any of the colour out at all. This Pick & Mix colour selection really do get our thumbs up! 

The Pick & Mix Permanent Hair Colours are available from Superdrug for £4.99 a box and come in a range of colours that can be used on blonde hair through to dark hair. At the moment the Pick & Mix colours are £3.29 as a special offer

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