Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Duvet Sets From Room To Grow Review

Tilly has always had hand me down bedding from her older sisters, she has never actually had her own brand new bedding and she is 7 years old - how bad is that! I think it was probably down to the fact that we co-slept until she was 5 years old. Then as she got her own room and bed, she was donated so she always had 'retro' bedding that was special to her as it was her sisters or her cousins.

But now as she is getting older, she is really developing her own sense of style and she wants her own things. She wants to open a catalogue or go online to choose what she wants. Recently we were gifted a voucher to spend £50 on Room To Grow. We took a look at the bedding sets and she chose what she wanted. She was in awe of all of the different designs and there is something there for all sorts of a child. Tilly is a child that has had the influence of her older brother and loves dinosaurs, but at the same time, she wants ponies or kittens things.

She took a look at the bedding sets and she felt so special being able to choose something for her own space. So what were her choices?

Firstly she chose Dino-Roar duvet cover. As much as she is into princesses and girlie stuff, she is also into the awesome stuff like superheroes and dinosaurs. So she chose this duvet set because she loved the huge dinosaur on the front. It is a single duvet with a pillow case included and is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

Her second choice was Horse show, This is out of stock at the moment but I am assured will be back soon. This is for her girlie side, she loves ponies and this is perfect for her. It has a gymkhana scene on the front and pink flowers on the back. Completely different contrasts. It is coloured with a dusky pink colour and really is cute for girls. although this is out of stock, there is a huge selection of duvets on

I have to say Tilly's favourite one is the Dino-Roar, It is a photograph printed onto fabric, The greenery on the duvet cover makes her think she is in Jurassic Park! The Dino-Roar bedding set also brings loads of colour to Tilly's bed. The bedding sets come with a pillow case to match and they washed really well. I washed them at 60 degrees and tumble dried them afterwards. You know how misshapen bedding gets after the first wash? Well, this stayed in the exact shape that it was intended to be. So it was easy to pop back on to her duvet again. It hasn't gone bobbly like some bedding does and it has retained all of its colours too. Tilly's favourite by far is the dinosaur duvet set. We love these duvet sets because they are unique, they are fun and they are amazingly fantastic quality. The designs are so popular that they sell out really fast so if you see a design that you like, then you need to snap it up. You can find more designs on

The duvet sets are priced at £24.99 and the delivery of them is free, so you pay the price that you see. You can buy all sorts of beds and bedding from Room To Grow as well as other bedroom accessories and toys. At the moment you could even benefit from 10% off personalised beds.

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