Thursday, 17 August 2017

Ever Pro Back2Blonde root Touch Up Review

So my hair was brunette, but for a few year, I have been fighting a losing battle against the greys. So I always said that I would go blonde one day – and that's exactly what I did! It took a lot of doing but with more grey coming through than brown, it made sense. So I had been blonde for about 3 weeks and the regrowth started to come through. Although it wasn't as bad as when my hair was brown, it was still noticeable. So Superdrug asked me as part of their Blog squad to try out some of the EverPro Beauty range.
First, we have the Back2Blonde Root Spray, a temporary instant fix for dark roots. And it is actually a god send! It covers the roots perfectly and also has a bit of a shimmer to it. It is an instant fix so it's brilliant for times that you are on your way out for the night and you find that dark patch that needs covering. It worked equally well on the grey patches of my hair and it literally takes a few minutes to apply to your hair. You don't need to section the hair off and spray because using this spray, you're only masking the dark roots, so it will come out when you wash it. The spray nozzle is small and that means that you get a really precise touch up on your roots instead of normal sprays that pray over a wider section of your hair. It is advertised as a natural look but it is quite shimmery, but it does dry really quick after you spray it. When you use a root spray like this, it means that you don't have to colour your hair as often as you probably normally do. I would be reaching for a box of blonde after a few weeks to cover my roots, but with this product, you just spray and go. This will help to keep your hair in good condition because you're not adding more permanent colour. I definitely recommend this Everpro Beauty Root Spray for your hair, It is on the more luxury scale for a temporary fix, but it is worth every penny that you pay for it. Its quick, its sticks until you wash it out, it doesn't come off on your pillow at night and it adds some shimmer.

The Back2Blonde Touch Up Magnetic Powder is literally like a foundation powder for your hair. You open the top to see your powder and remove the bottom to reveal a sponge for applying the colour. This product did match my hair better than the spray as it wasn't so shimmery, but it was more time consuming to apply than the spray. I was surprised how well it stuck to my roots and it did give me a pretty good coverage. I have seen root powders before but they come with a brush, I prefer the idea of the sponge so much better as you can apply it over a better area, much quicker. The drawback of the big powder sponge is that it isn't so precise around the edges of your hair line and some went on to my skin. The magnetic powder also stays in your hair until you wash it, and it is better for your hair than colouring your hair again with a permanent colour

 liked both of these products, I would use the powder as a daily wear but the spray as a night out cover up. Although they are on the luxury side of the hair products, they are really worth the money. I am a big believer in getting what you pay for. None of the products made my hair feel greasy when I used them and none of them came out just with brushing. Once they are in your hair, They make a good temporary fix.

The Everpro Beauty products come in dark brown/black, light brown, brown/blonde and of course blonde. The Back2Blonde is on an offer at the moment for £8.66 for the spray and magnetic powder, the usual price is £12.99.

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