Thursday, 3 August 2017

Globenfeld Super Sport Watch Review

Have you started Christmas shopping? I have! I made the most of Prime day a few weeks ago and managed to pick up some great bargains. But I have also been sent a few things to review too that would make fab Christmas gifts. One such item is a Globenfeld Super Sports Watch which I have got for my son, Zach. He lives abroad in Holland and works on a golf course, something that he really loves doing. He is quite sporty so this watch is perfect for him because it is tough and durable whilst still looking sleek and classy.

The watch itself is perfect for work and play because it looks so sleek and would be quite at home with a shirt and tie because of the stunning Croxley White dial and shark grey steel arrow hands with matching metal band create a stunning look for all occasions. Yet with the analogue/digital display,12/24-time format, alarm and chime, stopwatch with lap/reset it is perfect for the gym. The backlight makes it easier to use at night and it is water resistant up to 30 metres so it is ideal for swimming too, this means you can use the stop watch as you swim the lengths of the pool. We tested it by leaving it in a bowl of water for half an hour. and it still worked perfectly well.

The watch is designed for the larger gentleman, I am over weight and know how difficult it is to buy nice things to wear. Companies seem to think that if you're overweight, you don't care about your appearance. So it is lovely to see something really nice for the larger gentleman. It also comes in a very classy gun metal grey presentation box, so it looks really nice when you give it as a gift.

So What Did We Think?

The watch is heavy, and that just screams quality in my book! The screen is scratch resistant and I tried to scratch it. I liked the water resilient aspect of the watch too. How many times do we drop our possessions in the water? My phone goes in water all the time. The watch really does have everything you need within a watch and it is a gorgeous looking watch to go with it too. As I said earlier, it is for the larger man but the links can be taken out for it to fit a smaller man. The watch is such a smart looking one and the catch is a secure one, so there is no way that it will come undone. The watch is £59.99 and it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, no-questions-asked. That's how confident they are about the quality of the watch. It also comes with a 5-year warranty. Even when I had immersed the watch in water, it never stopped. It never faulted on the digital screen and there was no sign of water with in the watch face. We have had this watch for a month and it has kept the time correctly. The watch arrived the next day, which I love with Amazon purchases. The watch is very good quality and we would recommend it for the man in your life.

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