Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Handbag Designs With Gel-A-Peel

Summer is here (okay, I think it is supposed to be here) and school is out so it means a summer of going on brownie pack holiday for Tilly and so many long days out. I love the holidays from school because Tilly gets to her usual creative self.

We were asked by the guys from Gel-A-Peel to get Tilly's craft on and create a handbag that was designed especially by her. So she was sent a lovely silver handbag and a pack of Glow in The Dark Gel-A-Peel to create what ever she wanted.

Gel-A-Peel is designed for children of Tilly's age (7 upwards) and it comes with jewellery ideas to make some stunning accessories to go with your clothes that you are wearing. But quite often you can create other things too. In the past we have created cards, Jewellery boxes as well as jewellery, so now it was time to create the handbag.

So we took the handbag, and Tilly decided that she would use the orange to create a 3D effect outline. This would mean that in the dark you wouldn't see the bag, but you would in fact see a cool outline. This was going to be perfect for the school disco. The gels take a little while to dry, but you need to make sure that they do thoroughly dry especially when they are in the tray. If they are not fully dry and you take them out, the lose their shape and become really tacky.

The set comes with a tray full of shapes, each Gel-A-Peel has a different set of shapes and the one in the Glow in the dark set has emoji's, the alphabet and numbers so you can create your own words to go on the bag too. Tilly obviously chose VIP to go on her bag because that's what she thinks she is. When you use the tray, you have to put the Gel-A-Peel in the chosen shape and wait for it to dry. Because the shapes are often deep filled, you just need to leave it a bit longer to dry. But if you use the Gel-A-Peel straight from the tube on to your bag then It dries more quickly and it also sets on to the bag, rather than have to take it from the tray and glue it on to the bag. You also get a stencil and a plastic sheet to follow some patterns.

Gel-A-Peel is always a winner with Tilly because everything is always so personalised to how she wants it. The tubes last for more than one use as long as you remember to pop the little stopper in the bottles to keep it fresh. Don't be tempted to leave the nozzles on the tubes, because it will dry out.

You can buy Gel-A-Peel sets of different colours and each set comes with three colours and accessories to use with the Gel-A-Peel. Everything that you need is in the box including some jewellery making bits. Gel-A-Peel sets are available for £14.99 from places like Argos. But you can find more details about Gel-A-Peel at www.gel-a-peel.com and get some fab ideas of things to design. Obviously because Tilly is still only 7, her designs aren't as good as what are on the website. But she likes getting her ideas from there.

As for the bag - She loves her new 'designer' bag, she wants to be a fashion designer when she is older, so this has really helped her to want her to follow her dream. And she looks like the coolest kid on the block with her shell shaped bag that is just perfect for trips to the sea!

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