Wednesday, 9 August 2017

How To Get Your Kids Into The Back-To-School Sleep Routine

After a summer of jet-lag and sporadic scheduling, trying to reintroduce a regular sleep routine in the back-to-school run up can feel like an uphill battle at times. Yet bedtimes don’t need to be something to dread! Enjoy a bit of peace with tips from for a smoother transition when summer ends.
1. Start the routine around two weeks before school starts -This means there is time to make incremental changes to the routine, which the kids will be more likely to go along with. On the first day back it should hopefully also mean that everyone is fairly well rested, which can make all the difference on an already stressful day

2. Make the most of the summer - but stack more energetic activities in the morning and afternoon, while saving quieter ones, such as reading or bath time, for the evening. To stave off last minute rows, give your kid at least a five-minute warning so they know to finish off what they’re doing.

3. Practice good sleep hygiene - good sleep is often controlled by light exposure. Limit technology use, especially gadgets with blue light, and stop longer daylight hours interfering with your child’s body clock with a blind that is fully opaque. Our favourites are these Toucan and Night Sky blackout roller blinds from

4. Think about food – while the best foods to eat for better sleep are still rather open to debate, it’s generally agreed that a big meal or anything with sugar is an energy boost best avoided too close to bedtime. Likewise, caffeinated drinks such as Coca-Cola, while ok as an occasional holiday treat, should be avoided from the afternoon onwards.

5. Be disciplined – with yourself! Once a routine is put in place, it’s easy to stray.
However, you are the biggest example your child has, and they will be much more likely to follow if they can see you following a regular schedule as well… sadly, this may mean goodbye to that precious weekend lie-in.

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