Monday, 21 August 2017

Minion Stuart Remote Control Vehicle Review

Minions, They are EVERYWHERE this summer! Who would have thought they would be so big? With the new Despicable Me film coming out in time for the summer holiday, It has brought a new enthusiasm with kids for Minion toys. Having a 7 year I find us always being drawn into the fads of new movies and the toys that come with it. The films seem to be more about the minions now than the main characters and the country have gone Minion mad. I know people are starting to buy Christmas gifts now, having four kids I always started buying in August. This year it will all be about Minion gifts for Christmas. You can buy a whole range of toys from your local toys shop as well as online.

We were sent some minion toys for Tilly to review. The Stuart Vehicle Remote Control and Some Despicable Me 3 Splashers. So here is what we thought of them.

The Minion Stuart Remote Control Vehicle

This is almost a remote control car, but it is so simple for even the youngest of kids to use. The remote is chunky and only has a forward and backward button so it's easy to control. You do need a few batteries, 3x AA for the actual vehicle and 3 x AAA for the remote. The Vehicle only goes backward and forwards, but it does go at quite a speed on a flat surface. It won't go on the carpet, but that's to be expected really. The vehicle has a huge back wheel with the Minion Stuart sitting at the front, it is made from tough materials and seems to be hard wearing for even the most heavy handed kids, and it survived a few drops from Tilly. Tilly is 7 now and she found this really fun to use. You do need two different size screwdrivers to open each of the battery compartments on the remote and the vehicle, so I had to have both sizes on hand. There is a simple and easy to use on/off switch on each of the parts of the toy, its easy enough for a child to use.

The remote control vehicle is suitable for children from 3+, because it really is easy enough for them to use. You can own your own remote control Minion vehicle from Selfridges for £24.99. 

Despicable Me 3 Splashers

I don't care what age the child is, they all want to play with water! Even my 25-year-old daughter had fun with these Splasher squirty toys. The set comes with three different minions, Bob, Kevin, and Stuart. I didn't know who they were but my 25-year old told me their names - like I said you're never too old to love a minion. In the summer, these make a great alternative to water pistols and are easy to use. They are also tough and safe for the little kids to play with too. You don't need to use them with water and they make great little toys to play minion games with too.

The Splasher have a fair bit of detail on them and have the whole cheeky look about them, and could make bath time a lot less stress full. What Minion toys do your Kids love?

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