Friday, 4 August 2017

Pick & Mix Colour Sprays From Superdrug Review

Tilly loves to have her hair coloured, but because of her age, she is only allowed to have hair chalks or sprays. Occasionally we put a wash in and wash out colour if is half term. Working in Superdrug means that I can keep up with all of the latest colour trends that come into the store and buy them to try on Miss Tilly. Recently we were sent some Pick & Mix Colour sprays from Superdrug to try on her hair. Now Tilly is quite creative and she insisted that I put all three in her hair to create a rainbow effect. We were sent blue, purple and green to try out on Tilly's hair and review.

The product comes in a can and Tilly's hair is long and thick, so she wanted her hair to be like a rainbow with purple at the top, blue in the middle and green at the bottom. I love how she is so creative and has these mad ideas. So it took me about 10 minutes to apply the sprays, but as they are in a can there wasn't much in there and you can't estimate how much is left in the can. The colours looked amazing and the effect looked really good on her hair. But the spray doesn't go very far and you would need about 3 or 4 cans for her long hair so it wouldn't be very cost effective for us to use.

I went downstairs to get some hair spray to 'set' the spray and by the time I went to spray it, most of the chalk had just slipped off her hair and it was no longer showing the different colours. All that was left was a little bit of purple, that stayed in there for about half an hour. Both Tilly and I were disappointed with the results on her hair.

Maybe they will be different on someone with shorter hair or if you spray the hair with hair spray as you are applying the colour, but it wasn't a product for us. I think it will take a lot of hair spray to hold the colour in place, and I didn't really want to put too much on her hair. The can say's that it washes out, but it does brush out instead as it is more of a chalk that a proper hair colour. I felt they are a lot of money for what they are because you can buy a proper semi permanent for the same amount of money. The spray was safe to use on a child and it had no strong smell as you spray it. 

The sprays are part of the Pick & Mix range for Superdrug, that also includes semi permanent colours as well as permanent. We have used the semi permanents before and although these are recommended for blonde hair, the more vibrant colours do work on the darker hair. As with all of the Superdrug own brand products, it is covered by the 100% money back guarantee. If you don't find it works, simply take it back to store and get your money back.  

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