Friday, 11 August 2017

Sensse Hot And Cold Ultrasonic Facial Massager Review

The weather hasn't exactly been kind this summer, has it? As well as the weather being grim, my skin feels grim too. There is no sunshine, so it stops people going out and with it being so windy, the free radicals in the air are blowing into my face and making it dirty deep down in the skin.

I was asked to review a Sensse hot and cool ultrasonic facial massager to see if I could get some brightness back into my skin. The Sensse facial massager comes to you from Amazon for £49.99 and it is so easy to use. All you need to do is follow this routine.

  • Remove your make up with your usual cleanser. Switch the Sensse Massager to hot, The hot temperature will increase blood flow in your face and relax the muscles. This leads to smoothing out wrinkles and softening the skin.
  • Switch the massager to the hot mode with vibration and carry on to massage your face. Use your moisturiser and the vibration will help the moisturiser to get to work faster and more intensely. This means that you get more out of your moisturiser.
  • Then you finish with the closing of the pores, you do this by switching to the cold mode, This uses a temperature of 6 degrees and it helps to reduce the redness that might occur from the increased blood flow and as it closes your pores, you can be sure that it will help prevent grime from getting in there again.
  • You can also use the cold mode with vibration to help firm out some fine lines and wrinkles that you have.
Once you have done the routine, you will find your skin is energised and the look of fatigue has gone in your face. When you are using the Sensse in the hot mode, it will reach 42°C and this will increase your blood circulation, it will relax your facial muscles, smooth your wrinkles, and activate cell regrowth.

The Sensse Hot and Cool facial massager is a sleek piece of equipment that comes with a USB lead to charge it up, I don't know about you - but this is always a winner with me. You can plug USBs into anywhere these days and charge your electrics up, even on a bus. With the USB, you don't have to worry about taking heavy leads when you go away because it will fit into your phone USB plus to charge up. The massager rests on a stand to charge up, so just make sure that it is out of the way and you don't knock it as you charge it up.

The massager has a long handle making it easy to hold and the plate on the top is only the right size for your face. But for me - it did the job! I really like this product and we certainly give it the thumbs up. Sensse also offers other products in the range and they can be found on Amazon too. The Sensee Hot and Cold massager is on sale for £49.99 and is a massive half price at the moment. So pop over and take a look.

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