Friday, 18 August 2017

Thomas And Friends - Journey Beyond Sodor Review

On Saturday we took the train to London and headed to a very special morning at Ham Yard Hotel. We were invited to the special preview of Thomas & Friends’s new film, Journey Beyond Sodor. Thomas has been inspiring to kids for generations and even Tilly's brother, who is 23 now grew up playing with Thomas and Friends.

We took our place in the cinema and the film was introduced by a real life, Sir Topham Hatt (do we still call him The Fat Controller? I never know with all the political correctness we are supposed to follow) and we relaxed as the film started with Henry being involved in an accident and having to go into repair. This meant that his job had to be filled by someone else and James was chosen to deliver some cargo to Bridlington. This upset Thomas because Bridlington is on the mainland and not on the Island of Sodor and Thomas really wanted to go. The trains behave like children really - specifically siblings as there was a lot of rivalry in the film as if it was siblings arguing as to who was the best! Thomas decided that he wasn't going to let James take the trucks to Bridlington and he took it on himself to deliver them. Only he got lost on the way, very lost indeed!

He comes across some characters that help him like Theo and Lexi, who are in the experimental Engine yard. They give Thomas some coal and he goes off on his way but he then encounters Hurricane and Frankie, they are not as friendly as they first seem. I am sure there is a stranger danger in there somewhere too. Thomas trusts them but they trick him into doing their work and they hold him as a prisoner until he escapes.

On his escape, he encounters Merlin, another experimental engine who helps him to hide. He soon starts to make his way back to Sodor and little does he realise, the trains on Sodor are worried about their favourite little blue engine, so James goes to look for him. James however soon falls for the charms of Frankie and Hurricane. Thomas goes in to there and saves James with the help of the experimental engines. Soon everything is put right and James and Thomas head back to Sodor, I don't think Thomas will be in a hurry to do something that he can't manage again.

The film has many life lessons for the children watching it and it is a great film for kids of all ages. I think Tilly was one of the oldest in the cinema at 7 years old, but she still giggled and sat enthralled as the story unravelled. There was an elderly gentleman sat next to us in the cinema and he rolled with laughter throughout the film, so it really is perfect for all types of families. We were almost sad to see it finish. We would recommend this film to Thomas fans of all ages

You can watch Thomas And Friends - Journey Beyond Sodor Review from Friday 25th August, and the DVD comes out on 16th October. Pop over to to see a trailer and find out details of where to get tickets.

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