Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Unusual Gifts For Christmas, Birthdays And Anniversaries From Uncommon Goods

This year for me it is all about the different types of gifts that I can get for people. I have already bought one of Kim's gifts and it is a trip to The Shard in London and dinner in Gorden Ramsey's restaurant. I feel that it is lovely to buy something different and maybe even quirky for your friends and family because it shows that thought has gone into the gift.

This is why I recently found myself on Uncommon Goods, A company that is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, They are a privately-owned retailer that will bring you some unique Jewellery (take a look at the Shattered Glass Ceiling necklace) designer d├ęcor, tabletop items, and handcrafted gifts that are designed and created with the environment in mind. Half of the products that they sell are hand made, making each gift unique and personal to the person receiving it. They encourage people to express themselves and most of the gifts are made with recycled and/or upcycled materials, again this protects the environment and makes your gift even more special. Every year since 2007, UncommonGoods has been awarded for outstanding customer service every year. In 2015 they were awarded the BizRate Platinum Circle of Excellence award.

Although they are an American company, they now deliver world wide and that is a bonus for the UK because we now get to buy gifts that we may not have been able to buy before and you are not going to find the same gift anywhere local. All most all of the gifts are available in the UK, but sometimes you might want something that something cannot be shipped to the UK because of the import/export regulations but you will be told this at the checkout, then you can go and choose another gift. The prices on the website are in GBP, but you can choose to have them in another currency if it is easier to pay that way.

So what caught my eye?

The Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace.

It is designed to symbolise the barriers that women have to overcome in their profession. We all know how hard it has been for women to get to the same position as men within a company, then to get the same pay grade! But to me, it also symbolises the fact that we were shattered as a family but we have overcome it and we have now put the shattered part behind us and we are moving on and celebrating. The Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace is £56.09.

Wishing Gifts

Tilly is always wishing for things, not material things but for people to be happy and for happy things to happen. I suppose it's a girl thing and making wishes, gives us something to look forward to - it gives us hope in the darkest of times. I have always liked special wishing gifts for that exact reason. We have dandelions growing in our garden and I am not allowed to cut them down because they are for wishing, so what better than a Dandelion Necklace or some dandelion Wish Paper? You can even get a Personalised Wishing Wall where you will be able to write little wishes and messages. Just write on the piece of paper and roll it up and place it in a slot, It can be personalised to make it even more special with the names of your loved ones and a special date. It would make a fab wedding gift, and it is different to anything else they might receive.

Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map

This makes a fab wedding anniversary gift, you have so many years to explore the world together and what a lovely way to remember the destinations that you have been to. We would actually love one of these because being a travel blogger too, we love to look at the map as we cover more destinations that we have visited. It comes with 100 push pins to mark your hometown, honeymoon spots, favourite holiday destinations and maybe even mark places that are on your bucket list. Although the map is on the higher end of a budget, it makes a beautiful gift for a couple or someone who wants to go travelling. The map comes with a frame and is a vintage style, that is designed by the artist Wendy Gold. It is £122.90, but the smile on the face of the person will be worth every penny.

We worked in collaboration with Uncommon Goods on this blog post

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