Saturday, 23 September 2017

A.D.I.S.N Secret Journal Review - Get Spying

All kids aspire to be something, some kids want to do something quiet and others want a really exciting job. But whatever job they choose, they have taken their inspiration from someone they have seen on tv or have met in real life. YouTube is a real inspiration for many of the youngsters these days and Tilly loves to watch Project Mc2 on YouTube as well as on Netflix. If you're not familiar with Project Mc2, then let me give you the lowdown, they are a group of friends who go to school together and are secret spies! The secrecy of the spying job really appeals to Tilly but the girls are great role models because they show the youngsters that girls can prove to be as good as men in some more male-dominated careers like maths and science.

McKeyla McAlister, Adrienne Attoms, Bryden Bandweth, Camryn Coyle, Devon D'Marco and Ember Evergreen are sassy, clever and so cool. They have cool gadgets and toys available to buy for your little girl and each toy will teach them in a special way. The toys all offer different experiments and you can buy dolls too so your daughter can act out their own spy game. You can find more about Project MC2 here.

Recently Tilly was sent the project Mc2 A.D.I.S.N Journal to play with and review. The journal is an advanced digital intelligent spy notebook and you need to use the NeRDY bracelet to swipe across the front of the journal to open it. Tilly likes this little secret that she has and she thinks that I cant get into it. But in reality, there is a little button on the side that you can press to open the journal if you need to.

Inside the journal, you will find a compartment to pop your mobile phone. I know many girls of Tilly's age don't have a mobile phone. But Tilly has an iPhone 5. She doesn't have a sim card in it and just relies on WIFI, but it was a gift from her brother who lives in Rotterdam so they can keep in touch. When the phone is in its compartment you can use the downloaded Project Mc2 A.D.I.S.N journal app that you will find on your app store. The app is compatible with iPhone and Android phones. The app gives you missions to complete as you play with the journal. It also means that your child is in touch with NOV8, the Project Mc2 spy HQ.

There is also a secret pen, that Tilly can write secret messages on the inside cover of the journal and then use a UV light (that is hidden in a secret compartment) to reveal the secret message. The message can be wiped away and a new one can be written whenever she wants. Tilly uses it to write secret declarations of love to me and hides them around the house. The invisible pen is like a normal felt tip and if you put too much pressure on it, it splits on the nib, we found this out as Tilly was writing to hard and I had to explain that it was fragile. There is also a missions book, that actually makes Tilly feel like a real spy. The A.D.I.S.N journal is recommended for children between 6 and 14 years old and it is designed to look like a real book, So your child could hide it in the book case.

The NeRDY bracelet has science symbols on it, which gives a great chance to teach them science symbols as they play. STEM toys like this help your child to learn as they play and gives them a helping hand.  The journal takes 3 AAA batteries that are not included and you can buy it from Smyths Toy Shop or Amazon for £30.99 plus postage.

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