Friday, 29 September 2017

Airhogs DR1 Micro Race Drone Review

When I was a child, I would play with dolls and read books but then I was a child of the 70's. Children of this era are children of scientific and technological advances and the toys they play with are so much cooler and better than ever! Tilly has wanted a drone for such a long time and that wanting only got more intense when she attended an Airhogs Drone launch, that Luke Bannister (world champion drone racer) also attended.

We were sent an Air Hogs DR1 Micro Drone for Tilly to review, but we all know it was for me to review! The drone is so light and looks fragile, but it is, in fact, more sturdy than it looks which is good because of a number of times it has fallen out of the sky. The drone comes with

1 Micro Race Drone
1 Controller
1 USB charge cable
1 User Instruction Guide
1 Pack of spare blades.

It is a good little starter set and perfect for a child as it comes with two settings, one for easy drone mode and one for advanced mode. We are still on easy mode, whilst we learn to control the drone. The controller is easy to use and you just have to remember that the drone only has about 10 minutes flying time before it dies. But it can be fully recharged in about 30 minutes, by using the USB charging lead that comes with the set. The drone has a green light on it, that starts flashing as soon as the battery is getting low and then you know to charge it up. As it is charging it flashes red, yellow and green so you know it is connected correctly to the charger. The controller takes normal batteries, so you don't need to keep charging this up. 

The drone also comes with spare parts in case you break one of the propellers and there is a tool to remove the propeller. We did find that sometimes if it lands upside down on the grass, it will tangle itself up in the grass and you have to remove the propeller to clean it out. The propellers came off to clean, quite easily and if they do get damaged then you have some spare ones in the set.

The drone is a fab bit of kit, my house is tiny so we take the drone out to the seafront or along the golf course, but you need to learn to control the drone so that it doesn't go too high and land in someone's garden or even on their roof! We like the drone and Tilly is learning to control it better by the day. The controller was just like a games console controller, many kids are familiar with this type of controller from their video games, making it easy for them to use. We kind of stuck to the easy level of use and sometimes when Tilly wasn't looking I switched to advanced mode to see if I could do it - I couldn't.

The highest that the drone can go is 20 metres, but that is pretty high! And until you learn how to control it properly, you are best to keep it low. Once you have learned the basics, you can go and race with your friends! The charging port is on the top of the drone and easy to find, to charge up. The on/off button is also on the top. The drone is pretty tough and withstands a lot of crashes to the ground. Tillys drone ended up in a few different places. We live near the seaside and it was a bit windy, but we still managed to keep in control of the drone and it worked well in the wind.

The drone is a family activity to do and we had a right old giggle, learning to play with it. More details of the drone can be found at where you will also find videos to watch and get some ideas of how to make the most out of your drone. You can buy the drone from Argos for 44.99 and it makes a perfect gift this Christmas for anybody. We love this Airhogs DR1 Micro Race Drone and would recommend it.

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