Thursday, 21 September 2017

Angel And Rocket Clothes For Girls

We haven't had a summer, have we? I bought Tilly loads of lovely clothes to wear for the summer, but it turned out that we had about one day of summer this year! So she has mainly been in clothes for the autumn. One of those outfits that she has been wearing is from Angels and Rockets.

She has always been an independent little girl I think due to the fact that she has older siblings. She may only be 7 years old, but she loves to go clothes shopping - like all little girls. Being a working mum, its hard to find time to take her to shops to buy nice clothes. I live in a small seaside town and the selection of clothes shops is a bit pants. So I do rely on internet shopping ALOT!

We came across Angel and Rocket after they asked us to review an outfit for them. Tilly was allowed to choose what she wanted and she chose the Nora Lace Skirt for her first item. It is a think and heavy skirt, ideal for the cold weather as it will keep her warm. She loves contrasting fabrics of lace and the mock leather trim. The skirt is completely machine washable, but I have chosen to wash it by hand. A lot of dye came out on the first wash, but you expect that in new clothes anyway. I then hang it to dry in the bathroom. I didn't use the tumble dryer for fear of ruining the hem. It has been very popular with girls of Tilly's age as age 7,8 and 10 have sold out on the website. The material is made of o mixture of cotton (75%) and Nylon (25%) and the lace gives it a look of vintage clothing. It is something I would have worn in my teenage years. The skirt is a purple colour and in some lights, it looks like a dark blue. You could partner the skirt up with a variety of different coloured tops.

Shirt tucked in looking very smart

Tilly chose the Zoe Denim Chambray Shirt, which is a pale blue top with embellishments on the collar and front pocket. The top is made from washed denim and it is so unbelievably soft for Tilly to wear. The top is a multi-purpose one, so your child can look just as good wearing it with something like the lace skirt or just wearing it casually with a pair of leggings or shorts. It will make your child look smart, either way. It is machine washable, I know that this makes a difference to parents when they are looking for kids clothes. I machine washed it on its own on a hand wash programme but it didn't come very clean so I used my everyday wash and it seemed to shift the dirt on the top. The embellishments have not come loose or fallen off at all.

Shirt tucked out with 'attitude'
Together these two clothes make a perfectly smart outfit for a day out somewhere. Tilly has worn it to a premiere in London as well as on other more casual days out. She looks very grown up in the clothes and she feels comfortable wearing them. They have worn and washed very well indeed and you do get your money worth with these clothes. I would order clothes from Angels and Rockets again in the future as I was happy with every aspect of the order from delivery to wearing the clothes. The website is easy to navigate, there isn't too much to distract you on the front page. It looks clean and vibrant. A little tip, sign up to the newsletter and get 20% off your order!

The embellishment on the shirt collar and pocket
The selection of clothes on the website is wide too. When the older kids were growing up, I liked to dress them the same but there were three years between them. With the Angel and Rocket website, The clothes go from 0-3 and then 3-10. I love that the older size range means that parents can get siblings 'Twinning up' The clothes are an excellent quality, and they have been washed a few times. There has been no fading or shrinkage on the clothes and the embellishments have stayed in place.

We have become quite a fan of Angel and Rocket and will be putting in an order soon as I love this outfit! It's perfect for our blogger trips to London and so Autumnal. It reminds me of the things I would dress Tilly's older sister in and she is 25 now! Delivery is £4.50 but free if you spend over £80.

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