Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Awesome Little Green Men Review

There is a big divide at the moment over gender free toys and clothes. Tilly has always had influences from her adult siblings and has always played with boys toys as well as girls and worn boys clothes as well as girls. I think it is good for her imagination to play with both toys. My son Zach is 23 now and he had a doll as a toddler, he called him Tommy. Nowadays people are so desperate to get rid of the divide between boys and girls, but I am like .... MEH! Just give the kid a toy whether it's boys or girls, don't make a fuss about it. So Tilly was sent some Awesome Little Green Men to review, and we were happy that there was a woman in there, but it wasn't the be all and end all of the toys. Boys are more likely to play with this play set anyway.

The Awesome Little Green Men comes with a pack in the shape of an army lorry and the people are not just green, they are in fact blue as well and there was even a lady in the pack. You also get two mystery boxes in the play set, so you never know what else you might get in your set. The Awesome Little Green Men playset is £24.99 and you can buy it from places like Smyths, although they have been popular and are already sold out. The play set comes with 8 dog tags, all placed on one chain so the child can feel like a real soldier and it comes with a 'recruitment' poster too, so you can tick off the soldiers as you get them.

So what did we think of them?

The packaging was easy to open and if you do it without ripping it, then your child can reuse the box as an army lorry. The little green men were easy to take out of the packaging, I can't be doing with toys that are secured into a packet too much. These men came out pretty easy. They are made of a strong plastic and are very hear wearing for little people to be tough with. The characters each have their own little 'personality' and each one has its own dog tag to identify it. Tilly has asked me why they are different colours and it has helped her to learn about the different sections of the armed forces.

The surprise boxes all come with a character and a dog tag too. when the child opens the box, they will find two Army green plastic bags and one will contain the dog tag, whilst the second one will contain the Little Green Man (or blue man or woman). The surprise element makes it exciting for kids to play and these surprise boxes will cost £5.99 from Amazon.

These went down a real treat with Tilly and she was even using them in her dolls house, she liked that the cars have wheels that go round and that the characters have their own unique look, we have not seen anything else similar on the market and I suppose it is a more masculine version of the LOL dolls that we have reviewed before. They are suitable for kids aged 6 and above and they really do make good collectables for them, it can almost be their first collection of characters. But don't take our word for how much Tilly loved them, go and see for yourself.

You can find more details on the Awesome Little Green Men Website.

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