Monday, 25 September 2017

Buying Your DIY Tools From FFX

Have you ever ordered your tools and DIY accessories online? I live in a small town and there really isn't much choice for DIY shopping, the shops that we have are a long way from my home and it would involve a taxi home, this then adds cost to my shopping. So sometimes there is no alternative than online shopping - and to be honest, I like the stress free aspect of online shopping!

You simply go online, order what you want and then you get it delivered to your door. Recently we were asked to order some things from, based in Folkestone in Kent and review the ordering service and products that we ordered.

The website is easy to use and we found what we were looking for straight away. I needed a drill, so you shop by category and then choose what you're looking for. It then narrows down the search and takes you to what you're looking for. You can buy anything that you need from screws to lawnmowers and it is free delivery, So whether you need it for personal DIY or whether it's your trade, you will not be paying extra for the delivery.

They offer over 80,000 products on their website and that's more than you would ever see in a store. And you can buy from them 7 days a week. So what did we buy from FFX?

A Sealey Steel BBQ

I am ashamed to say that we don't have a Barbeque, With it only being me and Tilly at home it hardly seemed worth buying one, but this summer Tilly asked me for a Barbeque. So I guess, I really had to order one! The barbeque comes as a 'flatpack' and you have to put it together but it comes with everything to put it together. The barbeque has a lid and it means you can cover it up when you have finished it. If you have a lot of people visiting you can even use both sides of the barbeque to cook on. It is advertised as a portable barbeque but for me, it wouldn't be too portable as I don't have a car and it is quite heavy. The barbeque clips closed for when you're not using and it is very weather resistant as we have left it out in all sorts of weather. The barbeque is a really good price at £30.99 and it is low to the ground barbeque. It absolutely suits the needs of a small family or as a starter barbeque.

Einhell EINBTCD18 BT-CD18 18v Cordless Drill Driver
The second thing that I ordered was a drill, of all the things that I ever need - is a drill! I am really independent and I hate asking people for help, yet when it comes to drilling I need that little bit of help. I wanted a cordless drill because you can reach all the hard to reach places without being attached to a power cord. The 18 Volt cordless drill, comes just as the drill and you buy your drill bits separately but that means you get to buy drill bits to suit your budget and purpose. The drill comes in a carry case, making it easy to store and carry around.

It takes 3 - 5 hours to charge up to full capacity and the charger is included in the set. The drill is used as a screwdriver as well as a drill, so it is a multi-purpose tool for you. The drill is £37.17, which is a really good price and even if you have to buy the drill bits separately, you can get a drill bit from as low as 95p. The drill is fitted with a 10mm single -sleeve keyless chuck that holds the drill bit more securely so there is no slipping when tackling the most demanding of jobs, I like the idea of the keyless chuck because I am rubbish about losing stuff so now I don't need to worry. It is easy to control and any beginner could feel confident using this drill.

I am happy with both products and found them to be of a good quality. The website was easy to navigate and the delivery was in a few days by courier. I was very pleased with the email contact that I received at every stage of the sale and delivery. I would recommend FFX to companies, tradesmen, and DIY enthusiasts.

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