Thursday, 14 September 2017

Encouraging Kids To Drink Water With Highland Spring.

Drinking water is important for our bodies because we are made up of water. We need water to help us function as a person and also to keep us healthy. Until Recently I will admit that I never drank enough water, but as Tilly drinks ALOT of bottled water, I thought that I should really make the effort to drink more too. In June I stopped drinking Coke for a couple of weeks and I just drank Water, and almost instantly I started to notice a difference in how I was feeling as well as an improvement in my skin.

Water is an important for mental health as well as being an essential part of keeping you healthy. Since drinking water, I have found that I am more alert and more energetic, There is a spring in my step as I do the morning school run. Where as before I felt sluggish and tired all the time. So if it makes me feel more energetic, then it made me realise how important it is that Tilly carries on drinking water on a daily basis. She takes a bottle of water to school every day, It is something that the school encourages and they get to drink water through out their lessons. This keeps them awake and their mind actively working as the day goes on. A common misconception is that hydration is only key in the summer, but it is key all year round.

There is nothing more refreshing and re-hydrating than water, Tilly is quite an active girl and she can play out for hours but we always make sure that she has a bottle of water with her. Quite often kids can forget to stop and drink water, or they simply find that they are too busy to stop and go in for a glass of water. So if Tilly goes to the park across the way, She always takes a little bottle of water with her so that she can drink when ever she wants. It is known that if a child sips water through out the day, they are combating their dehydration better than swigging back glasses full at lunch and dinner.

This summer we worked alongside Highland Spring and I could monitor how much Tilly drank through out the day and also we realised how convenient and easy it was to use the perfectly sized 330ml bottles with Tilly. They are a perfect size for her to pop into her back pack when we go out for the day or to carry in her hand when she goes out. When she has finished it, she simply brings the bottle home for recycling and helps herself to another. I do feel that she should have access to bottled water all the time and with these bottles. You can buy Highland Spring water from Ocado

In the summer holidays, Tilly was also lucky to be involved with some tennis lessons that were launched by the Lawn Tennis Association and she was given a lesson a week for 6 weeks.These lessons gave her a little insight into sports and the lessons were partnered with Highland Spring too. The collaboration is great because it highlights how important it is for children to keep hydrated when they are playing sports as well as when they are busy at home.The lessons are available to everyone and you just need to keep an eye out at your local leisure centre for details next summer.

Did you realise how important water is for us? Here are 5 reasons why we need to keep ourselves and our kids hydrated with water.

  • Our body is made with a huge 80% water, so it is important to keep that level up.
  • A drop in body water as little as 2% can trigger fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic maths, and difficulty focusing in the classroom
  • Water helps to keep your child cool when they are running about like a mad child.
  • Water helps to rid the body of toxins
  • Water is important to keep the PH level balanced in your body. If your PH balance is off, then your hair and nails suffer immensely. 
Convinced about water yet? It makes a huge change to your life, and it really does benefit your child to take a bottle of water to school. You can find more details on

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