Thursday, 28 September 2017

Four Beauty Trends This Autumn/Winter

I haven't written about my beauty therapy work for a while, although I qualified a couple of years ago, I only do a little bit from home but having this back ground ensures that I am up with the trends for my job in retail too. I work on a fragrance counter and cosmetics, so its important to know what is the latest fashion or trend. So here are my predictions for This Autumn/Winter.

Metallic lips

This is going to be big huge this autumn and winter. The colder and darker months make you feel a bit pants, doesn't it? Your face feels dull, your skin feels dull. It's good to make yourself feel better with a bit of make up, metallic lips look amazing for each different time of the day because you can go for a more subtle metallic look throughout the day and then when you're ready to party in the evenings swap for a brighter more intense colour.

I love metallic lips because they make me look completely different and metallic lipstick or stains seem to add dimension to your lip shape. I have already chosen my metallic red lip colour for December as it's so Christmassy. The metallic lip colours seem to last all day and use a lip liner to emphasise your lips too.


With programs like Game of Thrones being so popular this year I think fancy hairstyles I've been seeing more and more.  You can dress fantasy hairstyles up or down to suit your mood or occasion and to see her after all can be anything from having curly hair when your hair is usually straight or the other way round. We all wish we had different hair don't way. So with a bit of colour spray and gel we really can be who we want to be, I love the extreme fancy hair and watching games of throne's makes you want to be part of the fantasy.

Fantasy hair is so easy to do, my hair is brunette but recently for work I was asked to colour it, a rose gold colour.  A year or two ago this would have been looked at as odd but now it's normal to go mermaid colours or unicorn or anything to feature fantasy. You really need to give fantasy hair a go because after all you only live once. Add some glitter on your face to match fantasy hair!


Having our nails done makes us feel so different it makes us feel elegant and ladylike and these days there are so many options of different ways to have you done.  As well as acrylics and gel nails we can go for a shellac nail polish like CND, which gives us more options.  As a beauty customer I would be able to have more  shellac done more often than I would have a full set of acrylics or gel nails I feel that shellac nail polish is would be more popular this year because it also enables you to do your nails at home because it's more affordable. Although I do my own nails with CND and have a fantastic seven-day coverage I do feel often but it's always better and last longer if a beauty therapist does it. You get a huge range of colours In shellac nail polishes. Nail polishes are a big thing at the moment and companies bring out new Colours all the time, so make sure you keep up to date with all of the latest colour trends this autumn and winter.


 This autumn and winter it is absolutely all about the eyebrows. There are more products than ever to help you shape and colour your eyebrows to give you the HD eyebrows affect from home.  There are so many products on the market from brow pencils, brow pomade and brow kits, you just need to find the product that suits you. It is easy to get the HD effect on your brows and it really does make your eyes stand out, you can even get stencils to help you achieve the right shape. A good tip is to watch some YouTube videos to teach you how to do this, or pop along to your local salon where they will do this for you at a small cost.

What are your beauty predictions for Autumn/Winter 2017. Pop over to Ellisons Beauty Wholesalers and see what they predict for this coming season.

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