Monday, 25 September 2017

How To Make Some Extra Cash For Christmas On Ebay

I'm not sure about anyone else but as soon as tilly goes back to school after the summer holidays, I know that it's time to start thinking about Christmas shopping. I know, right! It's like September and here we are there isn't an increase in toy adverts on the TV, the shops start bringing out their Christmas catalogues and new toys are starting to be launched in time for Christmas shopping! There really is no escaping from Christmas as of September.

Being a single parent I am the always looking to do Christmas on a budget so maybe starting in September isn't that bad because you can pick up loads of bargains before the prices start increasing nearer Christmas. One of the best places to start your Christmas shopping is eBay. You can get some of the most amazing bargains at a huge discount and quite often the items for sale or new orange new condition. A lot of companies within the UK also advertise their products on eBay, so you will find companies like Argos have an eBay shop as well as selling from the shop floor. Even my local charity shop use eBay as an outlet for selling their more premium products, there really is money to be made from selling your unwanted items online.

So this year I thought 'let's give selling on eBay ago'. I thought it would be a nice little bit of pocket money and I could sell my unwanted items and make some money. Then I am able to buy things that Tilly really wants or needs. I don't know about anyone else but I clutter my house with unwanted items, thinking that I might find a use for them one day. But in reality, it will probably just get left and eventually donated to the local charity shop. So I bit the bullet, went to my eBay account that I hadn't used for 18 months and I put some things on eBay to sell. You can find some selling tips here 

Adding the items to sell was really easy you get a step-by-step guide and it asks you if you want to sell an item similar to something already listed, this makes it easier for you to know where to list your items. You need to remember a few things when you sell on eBay
  • Write the perfect description, make it eye-catching and clear.
  • Take clear photographs of your item, A clear photo will help to sell your item easier and quicker. You can add up to 12 photos at no extra cost to your listing.
  • Start your auction with a low price,  because that grabs peoples attention and you're more likely to get people bidding.
  • List your items when it's a free listing day or weekend, it might only cost if you p to list an item but if you're listing a lot of items you could potentially save a lot of money if it's a free listing day.
  • Offer different collection/delivery options and post it asap after the auction finishes.

So how did my selling experience go?

It was so easy to list my items for sale and I listed my items on a free listing day to save some cash, but because I saved cash on the free listings day it meant that I could use some extra money to put a buy it now price on my items. This gives the seller the option to buy the product at a certain price rather than have to wait for the auction finish, if someone is desperate for an item on eBay they will usually use the buy now button.

A lot has changed since I last sold anything on eBay, nowadays there is a lot more selection of delivery options to help you arrange for your items to get to the winning bidder and PayPal is getting more & more popular with people getting paid by PayPal. PayPal protects you if there's any fraudulent activity on your account. So if you are buying something through eBay and you are conned or there's a problem with the product.If it doesn't work or it simply doesn't arrive, then you're protected by PayPal and they will investigate and refund your money. As a seller, PayPal is a super fast option for your winning bidder to pay you and you can get that parcel in the post quicker. I enjoyed my selling experience on eBay but I did come across a little bit of negativity because although I've only ever had positive feedback, I shared the post of my items for sale on some selling groups and had people accusing me of being a fraudulent account because I hadn't used the account for 18 months so, therefore, they thought I was going to rip someone off. It made me realise how important it is to keep your feedback up to date if you're going to sell as it will definitely help you sell your products. All my products did sell, one item sold for £20 less than it would have done in Argos but I was happy with the result because it was an unwanted gift from to Tilly's birthday and we wouldn't have used it anyway so we might as well make a bit of extra cash out of it and someone got a real bargain and saving money always helps when you're trying to get Christmas gifts for your family. I used the eBay app because it was easier to open than having to go on to my browser all of the time and logging in. It's perfect for mums on the run like me!

I am going to be using eBay again to sell as well as buy from. It doesn't matter if you sell something for £1 or £35,  it is all going to add up and it gets rid of things that are cluttering up my house. I felt good that a family were saving some cash and getting a real bargain. When you post the parcels, make sure you secure them well and make sure that you get proof of postage!

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I made a total of £47.50 on the items that I sold. Which is £47.50 towards a new bike for Tilly for Christmas. How much will you make?

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