Tuesday, 19 September 2017

How To Paint A Tiger Using Snazeroo Paints And Competition

 I actually haven't face painted for nearly 20 years since the older kids were little! So when we were invited to dreamland last weekend by the guys at snazeroo,  I thought maybe it's about time I got back into face painting.  Face painting seems to have progressed a lot over the past few years and now you can see some absolutely amazing designs on children's faces.

I used Snazeroo face paints even way back when the older children were little so I have a history with them and they've never caused a problem on anyone's face and they have always wiped off really easily afterward. Snazeroo products are made in the UK and they are paraben and fragrance-free, this is important to parents these days as parents prefer to buy products for their children without the 'nasties' in it.

In the summer, Snazeroo released some fantastic pocket-sized face painting kits, these are perfect for you to pop into your bag and you can paint your child's face when you're out or touch up a design that you have already done. The pack contains 3 different colours, a sponge, and a brush. and when you open the lid, there is step by step instructions on how to do the design. We have some mini packs and we tried the Tiger face painting kit on Tilly. Now like I said earlier, I have face painted for about 20 years since the others were little. So I am so out of practice! But Tilly asked me to do it, she could have probably chosen an easier design but she was happy with the end result and it's good that it only uses three different colours to create a design and the designs stay on your Tilly's face, but I didn't like the little sponge. I found it fiddly to use and will probably use a cosmetic sponge in the future as it will give a smoother look.  We cleaned the face paint off Tillys face but it wouldn't come off properly, I think the yellow is pigmented and it really stuck to her skin. She had to go to school the following day with a tinge of yellow, she almost looked jaundiced.

The Snazeroo mini packs are available for only £2.99, so they are easily affordable out of your child's pocket money or you can add it onto your normal shopping bill without noticing the cost. It makes a really good value reward gift for them if they have done well at school, as well as a perfect birthday gift if they get invited to a party.

The Snazeroo packs are available from www.snazeroo.co.uk and you can also get a starter kit for £34.99, where you can create hundreds of different face paint designs. Snazeroo also offers free UK delivery so you can really take advantage of buying from the comfort of your own home. You can create some amazing designs with face paints and I hope that one day I am as good as the artist that painted Tilly's face at the weekend.

The guys at Snazeroo have given us 4 face painting kits to give away in a competition, just follow the rafflecopter to enter. The only compulsory entry is to leave a blog post, the others are all extra entries for you.

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