Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Keeping Cosy In The Autumn And Winter With Snuggle Sac From Ollie And Leila

It's definitely Autumn! The colder nights are drawing in and the best part of the colder months is the snuggling up on the sofa watching tv together with the kids. My house gets really cold in the winter so we often have duvet days too. We grab the duvets and slouch on the sofa, watching movies and eating junk food. There really is no better way to spend days off!

Tilly loves fleece blankets, I think it goes back to when she was a baby and I always used fleece blankets on her because they are so warm. Now whenever she is upset or poorly, she reaches for a fleece blanket.

This Autumn we are super excited to have been sent a Dalmation Snuggle Sac. Tilly loves animals, especially cats and dogs, so this was the perfect choice for her. The snuggle sac is 180cm long, so it doesn't look like she is going to grow out of it anytime soon. The snuggle sac has a pillow slot so that you can pop their favourite pillow inside. It also comes in a convenient little tote bag so you can pop it away when your child isn't using it and you can pop it away in a cupboard. The tote bag also has carrying handles, so it's perfect for carrying around to her friend's house. The snuggle sac is soft and fleecy to keep your child warm, but the inside it has a 100% cotton liner to keep your child comfortable.

The snuggle sac is available from and will cost you £50, there is also a whole range of snuggle sacs to suit your child's needs and wants. You can get a Dinosaur Snuggle Sac or the cutest Flower Fairy snuggle sac as well as different patterned one. They are probably not designed to be used in a camping situation but Tilly also uses hers at night for sleeping in, and if she gets cold, I just pop more blankets over her. I think she likes the snuggle sac more at night because it isn't as heavy as a duvet often is.

The snuggle sac went in the washing machine for a quick wash as it got dirty quite easily as its white. When I took it out of the washing machine, it has all turned inside itself and took a while to untangle it, so next time it will go on a hand wash which will be more gentle for the snuggle sac. The snuggle sac is long enough to have space for Tilly to grow into and it has a zip on the side to help her to get in and out. Some sleeping bags that she has had, have velcro on the side. This barely stays together when she moves about and the sleeping bag just comes open and she gets cold. I much prefer the zip!
Tilly loves her fleece Snuggle Sac because it is so cute and homely, its something to keep her warm and secure. She uses it as a comfort thing and I love that she feels so happy when she uses it. This is the perfect Snuggle Sac for someone who is passionate about dogs like Tilly is. You know, as a parent the thing that I love most about this is that the bag it goes in is big! You don't have to roll it really tightly to squeeze it in a bag, the size of a sock! This bag has plenty of room to put the Snuggle Sac in, so it takes seconds to pop away. We don't use the bag very often as Tilly is always using the Snuggle Sac

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