Wednesday, 13 September 2017

What Is There To Do In Kidzania?

We have been to Kidzania 3 times now, and each one has been a different experience. This year there have been some new additions to the work places and now there is more choice for your kids. We went recently for our third visit and each time we go, Tilly chooses to do different jobs every time. There is such a wide selection of the different job available and something for kids of all ages. We went on a Sunday afternoon and it wasn't too busy, so it means the queues are smaller and your child gets to fit more into their 4-hour session.

On this visit to Kidznia, Tilly chose to be a magician and was able to go on stage and perform to parents and children that choose to watch it. This is such a confidence builder and the kids think they are actually on a real stage in a real theatre. Tilly has been wanting to go on the stage for a long time, and this was the perfect opportunity for her. She went to the H&M fashion school and put some outfits together using the clothes that H&M have supplied as they sponsor this activity. She was able to learn how to work in a hotel and how to change beds, something that will come in handy at home. She became a bus tour guide and worked behind the scenes of a news channel, learning how to be a producer.

As you enter Kidzania, your child is given a wrist band, this ensures that they cannot leave the building because it is registered to their name and how many people are in the group. They are then given 50 Kidzo's, the currency of Kidzania. This is to bump start their money and some of the activities do need to be paid for with their kidzo's. They go through and then they are free to do what ever they want in there. It is perfectly safe to sit at one of the numerous cafe's or even the pub (no kids allowed) and let your child be independent and wander around on their own.

Tilly is 7, so I am not sure I would leave her to go around on her own. You can buy food and drink with your real money but at the end of your session, your child can spend all the kidzo's that they have earned. There is a shop that no parents are allowed in to, it's good because again it is teaching independence and the value of money. There isn't a lot of products for them to buy, so Tilly normally saves her Kidzo's up and is looking to buy a soft toy that was in the shop. On the last trip to Kidzania, Tilly earnt 109 Kidzo's (that was with the 50 that she got on entry).

There is also a bank on site, that the kids can put their kidzo's into. They then get given a bank card and there is a simple cash machine for them to use on the way round and they can remove their kidzo's from there.

Kidzania is ideal for kids aged between 4 and 14, but there are some activities from 7, this might be because they need an older understanding of the job or it involves reading. And from 8 years old, you can leave your child there on their own for a session, whilst you go shopping in Westfield shopping centre. It is perfect for people that work a 4-hour shift within the centre.

How Much Does It Cost?

Kidzania is £18 for child and £15 for an adult if purchased in advance by phone or online. Or if you just turn up, it will cost you £38 for a child and £18 for an adult. You can buy an annual pass for £129.00 and that gets free entry for the child all year and also includes 5 entries for an adult. Once you're inside the food and drink is actually reasonably priced for an attraction. you can find more information at

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