Saturday, 21 October 2017

An Adults Only Trip To Alba Resort, Antalya

Oh My Days! Three weeks with no blog posts? Wow, how did that happen? I had a holiday to Turkey and just simply 'forgot' about the blog for a few weeks and then after returning at 4am last Tuesday, I was just so exhausted. Holidays are supposed to be relaxing, aren't they? I don't actually think me and my friend Lin got that memo.

I work all year in Superdrug and as well as working on the blog. Sometimes I find myself working 7 days a week to keep up. Then I have to put Tilly first before myself and I didn't realise how much I needed to make time for myself. Lin is a bit older than me and she looks after her mum with dementia at home. Caring for an elderly parent is extremely exhausting, both mentally and physically. So we were both ready for a holiday. I was told that I wasn't even allowed to think about blogging whilst I was away and that we were to use this as a complete break from reality. Little did we both realise that we REALLY needed this break. For the first two days of arriving in Turkey, we slept, ate and sunbathed - both totally drained!

We booked our holiday through and we were so thrilled with the way the holiday was booked and the amazing customer service that we received throughout the process of booking and the smoothness of how the trip came together. We flew with EasyJet, I have never spent more than an hour on an EasyJet flight, so this was a big change for me but the customer service from them too was fabulous.

We arrived in Antalya and the transfers that Holiday Gems had organised were easy to find and we were dropped off within an hour at the Alba Resort Hotel. My friend Lin has stayed with the Alba resort, over 20 times now and we feel comfortable there and over the years we have got to know the staff. Although staff come and go, there will always be the regulars that go back season after season. We checked in to our room, the room was pants! It was small. needed decoration and the walls were paper thin BUT we were on holiday - who cared about the room. As I said earlier, we spent the first few days just relaxing and sleeping. I didn't realise that I was so tired, I have never been too tired to party before. But lying in that sunshine opposite the pool in an environment that is one of the most beautiful places that I have been to, I knew I needed this break.

After the first few days, we were soon ready to get down and party and did we do that in the style of Lin and Vicky! It was Oktoberfest and we partied like we were 18 years old! We got to know the animation staff, as they were going to be the entertainment for us for the next few weeks and we celebrated with the majority German guests in the hotel. We were the only English guests at the hotel and that's how we like it. We take lots of party props with us and we get all the holidaymakers involved - sometimes I wonder why we don't run our own entertainment business! We can walk into a quiet room and pull out a bag full of masks and party props and we can have the whole bar roaring with laughter!

From that night on, it became party central, personally, I blame any bad behaviour on the Turkish vodka but you do only live once and it is my 2 weeks off. When I go to Turkey, nobody knows I am a single mother of four children. Nobody knows my history, my pain and my life, I am just Vicky! I don't regret a moment of anything that happens in Turkey, I don't regret gatecrashing a Turkish wedding, I don't regret sneaking back out to the hotel bar at 3 or 4 am because someone asks you to a party. I don't regret flirting with men, much younger than me and I don't regret getting drunk every single night! I have been a parent for 25 years and for the first 23 years, I never went on holiday anywhere without my kids (except occasional nights away). When I am at home, I rarely go out because I am primarily still a 'responsible' parent to Tilly who is only 7. I absolutely have no regrets because I know that we laugh so much that it hurts our sides and we realise we should have put a Tena lady on! I think Lin learned a valuable lesson when she wrote in the receipt book, our name and 12 lines of 'vodka' - turns out it was the bar order book and she had ordered 12 crates of vodka! I personally don't see the problem as we probably would have drunk it anyway.

This holiday we even took a boat trip and that was such an experience, The boat stopped in the sea and I jumped off the boat into the hot sea. HOLY CRAP! I went in the sea. I hate being in the water when I cant reach the bottom because I panic that I am not in control. I hate deep water in the swimming pool, so to go into the sea was a huge thing for me. I was silently panicking, thinking that something was going to drag me under and drown me, but I am so happy to have done it. I think if I hadn't it would have been something that I would regret. Then on the way back, there was a foam party - How did I get to 44 years old and never go to a foam party?

We always go on holiday together for two weeks, in that time I video call twice a day. Tilly has been suffering a bit of anxiety and this helped her deal with me being away. She wants to come on holiday with me, but I tell her that it is an adult only hotel and whenever I video call, I have to make sure that there are no children about! But This time I was so ready to come home, I kinda missed the whole responsible parenting stuff (never thought I would say that). 

So now, here I am back at home with a bump and looking at booking a holiday with Holiday Gems again as the whole holiday went so smoothly and we would recommend using a website like this to book your holiday as you will find it so much cheaper than booking through a travel agents in your high street.

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